• West Costco Sales Items for December 21-27 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    Thanks everyone for visiting my blog! Last week we just passed the 10,000 ‘like’ mark on the Facebook Page – Costco West – Secret Coupons and Sale Items.  To celebrate this mark, I am giving away (2) $50 Costco Gift Cards that I got my hands on!  To enter, just comment on my latest Facebook post with your favorite Costco Item.  I will be picking two random comments to win the gift card.  I will announce the winners on Monday morning.  Good Luck!

    Also for those of you who are no imbibing this holiday season, the organic sparkling fruit juice is on sale and can make for a tasty if not as fun alternative. The Castello Aged Havarti is on sale – the regular version is my favorite Havarti cheese sold at Costco. The sample I had at the store was delicious.  San Pellegrino (the Aranciata & Clementina) flavours are on sale; this is the first time I have seen these on sale.

    The Playstation is $70 off – not sure if this is the greatest deal with Boxing Day coming up – but it is something if you need a (really nice) last minute gift!  I also added the Xbox Console price in case people were wondering.

    Can anyone comment on the Kauai Coffee?  It looks like a new item so I included it in the pictures.

    I also always pick up floss and razors when they are on sale.

    A lot of the items in the seasonal aisle are starting to go on clearance – It will vary by store, but worth a walk through if you have the time.

    Happy Shopping!

    Use these posts to make the best use of your Costco Card! I have done all the hard work for you and have a weekly listings of all the Costco Sales Items and flyers. Costco does not publish these Costco sales items; the only way to find out what is on sale is to walk the whole store! Come back every Monday to find out what is on sale for the week. The sales may vary slightly by store, but are generally pretty consistent between Western Canada. If there is something you really want, please make sure to double check the expiry date as some of the Costco sales items have been known to end mid-week.

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