West Costco Sales Items for January 25-31 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Well everyone.  The past couple of weeks I have spent way too much at Costco.  Just when I thought there was nothing left to buy – this week came along.  Oh, the deals.  Firstly, baby wipes are on sale Regular price $22.99 – $4.15 = 18.84.  Based on my last survey, these were among the most popular items that Costco sells.

Even though you could make the trip to Costco for the baby wipes alone, I still managed to spend over $250 at Costco AGAIN!  How many other people do this?

Some of the items I buy on a regular basis that are currently on sale: Kirkland Baby Wipes, Shout Stain Remover, Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, Ziplock Containers, Costco Cooler Bags, Poppers, Vector, Munchies, Apple Juice, Spaghetti, Salsa,  & Pole and Line Tuna. That was on top of what I was supposed to buy at Costco!

By the way, if you have purchased the Foodsaver system, I recommend looking at purchasing some of the non-branded vacuum sealer bags.  I purchased the Foodsaver system and almost went through the whole roll trying to figure out how it worked – I probably should have read the instructions better (or watched a youtube video)!


I bought a package of the Sweet Potato Fries last week, I haven’t opened them yet, but I’m going to try them this week.  I’d love to hear some comments on the Beef Jerky.  I think it has been on sale before, but I have never tried it

Kirkland Items do not go on sale very often so I will mention that the Kirkland Laundry Detergent – Free and Clear – a different type than last time is on sale.

The exercise / sporting equipment and furniture items (such as beds, couches, sectionals and armchairs) are still on sale, but a large section of camping items have arrived as well.

Happy Shopping!

Use these posts to make the best use of your Costco Card! I have done all the hard work for you and have a weekly listings of all the Costco Sales Items and flyers. Costco does not publish these Costco sales items; the only way to find out what is on sale is to walk the whole store! Come back every Monday to find out what is on sale for the week. The sales may vary slightly by store, but are generally pretty consistent between Western Canada. If there is something you really want, please make sure to double check the expiry date as some of the Costco sales items have been known to end mid-week.

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