Costco Japan – Deli, Seafood & Sushi Items!

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately, I’ve posted a couple of bad news recalls on this site – so I wanted to end the week with a little bit of fun.

A friend of mine from work knew that I had this blog and offered to take some pictures from their trip to a Japanese Costco!  Did you know that there are 25 Costco Warehouses in Japan?  Some of deli items look pretty awesome.  I wouldn’t mind if they started stocking some of these items.  I know I like going to the Bellingham Costco since they fly over Poke from Hawaii.  Japan is definitely on the list of places I would like to visit. What do you think?

Just so you have an idea of the exchange rate, 1677 ¥ = $20.00 CAD

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  1. You can get that mayo locally at certain superstores and also at save on foods. Not to mention Asian specialty stores. It’s the best mayo to use when rolling your own sushi rolls.

  2. Japanese Costcos are awesome. They have a lot of interesting and cheap stuff there. They have even Waygu beef sample. They have Japanese pens and pencils for about 30% cheaper than other stores like Loft. The one I went to in Tokyo even sells 330mL SK-II Facial Essence for 16,648 Yens. The drug stores outside sell the 220mL version for 15,400 Yens. Also Costco has the Zojirushi induction rice cooker for 12,296 Yens. Similar rice cooker sells for more than $300 when on sale in Canada. The best thing about Costco in Japan is that they will do duty free for foreigners. That’s an extra 8% saving!

    • Love my zojirushi rice cooker. I only wish I got my friend’s hubby who works in Japan 10% of the time to get a bigger one! Oh and that sushi!! Love!

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