Recall Notice: Healthy Hide Beefhide Treats

Hi Everyone!

Another recall alert.  This time for some pet food.

United Pet Group has received very limited reports of pet illness. The primary complaint received from consumers was that the affected product had an unpleasant odour. Diarrhea and vomiting were also reported.

Healthy Hide beef – hide treats , item 335371 , at a Costco warehouse in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba or Saskatchewan ,between December 9, 2016 and June 9, 2017. United Pet Group, a division of Spectrum Brands, Inc., is withdrawing certain of their Healthy Hide beef – hide treats from the market after having identified that certain of its manufacturing facilities were using a quaternary ammonium compound mixture as a processing aid in the manufacturing of rawhide chews.

For more information and to see which lots have been affected – please see the attached link:

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