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Well, our little family has been having a great time travelling around Scotland with friends. Of course, when I found out that my airport hotel in London was only 7 minutes away from a Costco, I had to visit!!! There was a huge difference in the products that were offered in the store so I took some pictures for you all. I also had to check out the Costcos in Scotland – where I would find black pudding and Haggis Pakoras. A couple of interesting facts I learned here:

If you want to have great Indian food you have to go to Glasgow
IRN-BRU outsells Coke and Pepsi and is the number one selling soft drink in Scotland
Smarties in the UK have different flavours.

All in all we have been having a great trip, it only took 2 days for the little one to get used to the time change, but it was a long two days. The other day we drove up to Loch Ness and the little one could have spent hours throwing rocks into the lake. 🙂

I’m still traveling so my brother will be doing the post again this week. I’ll see you all back after the long weeeknd in September! Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!

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    • In Alberta their liquor store is in a separate building just beside the Costco store. They have great Kirkland brand liquor (40 oz) and of course other brands of liquor and wine. Not all Costco’s in Alberta have liquor stores though.

    • I know a lot of people who are very dissatisfied with Costco Canada in terms of selection and variety. It’s only when you visit Costco in other countries you begin to realize how we’re getting the short end of things.

  1. Pampers AND Huggies!?!?
    Wish our Costco would do that!
    Would be cool to have one aisle dedicated to imports – rotate in stuff from around the world

  2. Loved this. I love to watch Coronation street and now have a better understanding of their food. They sure love their biscuits. Have a great Vacation and thanks for sharing.

  3. Great selection of products – really interesting. Thanks for posting. Did you end up buying a Costco souvenir? ☺

  4. Steak and ale pie! Rowntrees fruit pastilles by the box oh my! The costco on the other side of the pond have it good…with all that beer and ale no less! Love the variety of items…thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Love there alcohol selections . They even sell a mini keg?!?!? Wish they could sell that at our Costco. It’s really nice to see what other Costco sell in other places. Thanks for the pictures.

  6. Hi,
    Your little one is so cute. So many things which our Vancouver Costco do not carry, London
    Costco are way cheaper than Vancouver. Thank you so much at least I see what London Costco carry. Have a good trip in London

  7. Thanks for taking the time to take pictures while vacationing! It’s neat to see what Scotland’s Costco had! Enjoy the rest of your time there!

  8. Soreen Malt loaf and McVities Hob Nob biscuits….hhhmmmmmm. Jaffa cakes. So many things I’d forgotten about that taste really awesome. Now, if they do large catering packs of Branston pickle I’m heading back there to get some.
    Heading over there in the spring anyway so I’ll have to see if there is a Costco nearby.

  9. Thanks for that..being a Brit. I really enjoyed looking at all the products and their pricing.
    Wish we had some of those here,espeacilly the Jaffa cakes..yum!

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