Great Deal on Telus, Rogers, Bell Phone BYOD Plans! $60 – Unlimited Calling, CAD LD, 10Gb data! BC/AB only

Hi Everyone,

As someone who spends more time on the internet than most people, I’m always on the lookout for the best cell phone plan that offers data.  The plans that have just been released are the best plans that have been offered to the general public in a long time!  The offer will expire on December 18 / 19 depending on the carrier – jump on these quick if you are interested.

For those of you in BC and Alberta, the introduction of Freedom Mobile into the cell phone market has made a significant dent into the price for cellular phone plans this weekend.  Right now, Rogers, Telus and Bell are offering their own versions of $60 BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) phone plans.  For these BYOD plans, a device subsidy is not provided and you cannot share this data with other devices.  You have to buy your own phone outright (or keep using the phone you have); however, for those of you whose contracts have run out and you are stuck on an old plan, this may be a great option for you!  These plans are month to month only and no contract is necessary.  To take advantage of this offer, you will have to either be out of a contract or pay an early cancellation fee to get out of your contract.  Also, if you want to stay with your same carrier, you will have to phone into your carrier’s customer service to make the change.  There was a $15 charge to activate the new plan, but it was waived by the customer service agent.  A store will not be able to upgrade to this plan unless you are changing from a different carrier.  I was on hold with Telus for 1 hour 50 minutes today.  It was a good thing that I had a lot of Christmas cards to write.  – So be prepared for a long wait on hold and try to be nice the customer service agents at this time of year.

For example, Telus is offering:

Bring Your Own Device Plan $60/month + tax
– 10GB data
– Unlimited Canada-wide calling
– Unlimited text + MMS
– Caller ID & Voice Mail
(Visual Voice Mail available for $2 a month)
I was assured by a customer service representative that tethering will be allowed on this plan; however, it is not working as of yet.  Apparently the feature will be added in the next couple of days.

The plan for Telus expires on December 19, 2017, so you only have a couple of days to take advantage of this offer.  Although you never know – Freedom mobile is offering the same plan but for $50 a month – will this competitor herald a new era of lower mobile phone prices?

Rogers has the same deal right now.  Although the website says $60 for 5GB plus 5GB, the plan has been changed to 10Gb to match the other phone plans.  The plan for Rogers is set to expire December 18.

The Bell plan is the same as the others.

Are you on another carrier?  Don’t worry!  Koodo, Fido, Virgin AND Freedom Mobile are all offering this package as well!  Just call 611 to reach their customer service and ask for the $60 BYOD plan!

Happy Shopping!

Written by Costco West


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  1. I just upgraded my phone and bought my husband a phone two weeks ago and so this deal does not apply because I have been loyal to Bell for 40 years and I cannot take advantage of this. This sucks big time. I cannot even change because it would be too much to buy out the two new phones.

  2. I see people talking about tethering and whether it will be included at all. I am unsure what tethering means.. And does any one know if the main 3 companies will provide this?

    • Tethering is the ability to connect your phone to a device (like a laptop or tablet) and to use your phone’s internet connection to provide the tablet or laptop with an internet connection. This can be useful in places where you don’t have WIFI. For example if you are at a park and want o send an email on your computer or tablet and not your phone. As far as I have heard, the $60 plan from all three companies offer tethering. Today is the last day to get the deal for all three carriers. They have all extended the promo by one day.

  3. I have been with telus for 24 years and currently have 3 cell phones, house phone and internet. i wish for once they would offer discounts like that for current subscribers! we are always running out of data and paying more each month. cmon Telus–take care of your existing custoners before you lose them

    • I used two phones calling simultaneously and got the same message after having been on hold for just over 2 hours for 3 of the calls and just over 3 hours for one of them. Extremely frustrating!!!

    • This is a month to month plaan. My experience with month to month phone plans is that you can keep it as long as you don’t change you plan. Once you change your plan, you will only be able to choose from current market plans.

  4. I have been with Virgin for 15 years. I waited on hold for a total of 14 hours plus….and you know what I was told. There is no option for me to switch, I can cancel my account and go somewhere else. I’m out shopping this afternoon so will visit the other 3 ones on here and cancel Virgin. Ce la vie.

  5. Thank you I got the deal and saved $30 a month. Is there a deal for a talk only cell phone plan? Right now my husband is paying $35 a month for talk only through Rogers.
    Thanks again truly appreciated.

  6. After being on hold for almost an hour with Rogers, sadly, I will not get the deal..I JUST renewed my contract & it will cost me $775 to buy out my existing in able to switch!! They would NOT even consider it without..even to retain my business…I have been a Rogers customer FOREVER…grrrr

    • You will have to do the math on that one. How much are you saving a month vs buying out your contract. Even at a buy out of 700 you should still save money in the long run. Can’t be mad that Rogers gave you a 1000 phone on a plan and expect you to pay for it if you’re going to end the contract early.

  7. typically plans are good until you change them I have been on a BYOD plan for years and it hasn’t changed ie:8 years , thanks for all the updates love this blog

  8. Thank you for letting us know! We are onboard. We still have not been able to tether to our ipad but were told we could. Any ideas? Thanks

    • If you are with Telus, I know they are working on a adding tethering on this plan. I know when it was first launched it was not allowed, but to keep up the competition they changed their minds. You can call in to technical support and they can turn it on immediately, or it should turn on automatically within the next week.

  9. I have been on hold with Telus for over 2 hours. My contract is quite new. I am willing to buy out my phone to go on this plan, but what are my chances that they’ll let me do it?
    Should I wait longer?

  10. I just got this plan thanks to your article!
    I took me 7 hours to get through to someone at TELUS!
    Not that it is likely to happen with 10GB but does anyone know what the data overages are on this plan? I forgot to ask.
    My old plan was $10 per GB over

  11. Thanks so much for posting this…You saved us around $60.00 a month…plus the 10 GB of data each per line was way more data than the 4GB of shared data between two lines we were getting.
    We are with Telus. We were on hold for 2 hours, but once we got a rep, switching the plan was easy. The rep seemed to know about the plan.

  12. Hey there, my wife has en existing contract with Telus and 2 years remaining. Any advice on how to get a deal on buying out her contract in order to start this new plan with Telus. Are there any providers that would be out her contract to earn a new customer? She is currently paying $80/month for less than the new $60/10G

    • Hi, I’m with telus and only have 3 months remaining and they would not let me buy out the rest of my contract, and that’s with only 3 months remaining! If you hear otherwise, let me know!

      • Maybe try buying out your contract and going to another carrier for the new $60 plan. They can’t prevent you from leaving, they can only keep you from getting the deal with them.

  13. IM looking forward to doing this. When you call BELL, what do you need to say to them for whoever’s done this already? My contracts up. Also if you upgrade phones are you still going to be on this plan?


    • I am on hold with Bell (again) now trying to convince them to give me this plan even though I have an existing contract. All the agents who answer the phone know about this plan and if you are not under contract, you can get it easily but you do not get a phone with it ~ it is considered a “bring your own phone” plan. Just ask for the $60 10gb plan

        • You can be existing ~ as long as you don’t have a current contract and are willing to use your own phone (or buy one outright). It is a limited time offer though, so call now….

  14. Thanks SO much for the heads up! I just switched my plan with Virgin Mobile and got the 10gb/month data plan for $60/month. I was already a Virgin Mobile member, still under contract so I just had to pay out the remainder owing on my phone (which wasn’t much) and they allowed me to switch to this plan. Virgin’s promo ends tomorrow, and there was a considerable wait on the phone – but worth it! I was paying $55/month for 1gb data and 500 minutes, now I have 10gb data and unlimited minutes. Thanks for passing on the good news!

    • Hi, no luck with me. I’m with Telus, have 3 months remaining on contract and $115 remaining to pay off my phone but they said (and double checked while I was on hold) that I had to be out of my contract to take advantage of this offer. I waited 2hrs on hold this am with Telus.

    • I was on hold for 50 mins before I got through. Told them I wanted to pay off my device. She inquired why and I said Koodo had a great deal on and I couldn’t pass up. She said gimme a minute and see what I can do. She wanted to place me on hold again and told her I had no interest on being on hold again for a long duration. She called me back in 30 mins time and said they could match the offer as long as I paid off my device witch would be added to my bill at the end of the month. Deal was done! 10G for $60 a month.(Telus)

    • Good question Val, originally this plan was only good for 2 years, but I believe this has been extended until as long as you keep the plan. Does anyone else have any additional information regarding this?

      • I heard the same thing. It started out as 5G data + additional 5G for 2 years then it went back to only 5G after the 2 years. But because of the competition, most of the carriers have changed it to the full 10G for as long as you have the plan

  15. Thank you! In the phone queue now to change my Bell plan. FYI – bell chat rep confirmed tethering possible, but initially said not tetherable or sharable. After being asked again, he checked and it IS!

  16. How did you manage the $2 iPhone Visual Voicemail? Was it set up over the phone or a store rep did it?

    On the Telus site, and some of their store reps, they’re saying it’s $5 for Visual Voicemail.

    • They told me there was a promotion for visual voicemail for the life of the plan where visual voicemail was available for $2 a month. I had to call in since I was previously with Telus. I don’t think this was available in store.

  17. Thank you!! You’ve just saved me $70 per month and it’s more plan. I called into Bell this morning as it’s not on their website. 33 minutes total to swap and that’s $840 a year in savings!!

    • Hi Jim, If you want to change you carrier I.e move from Rogers to Telus, you can go to any kiosk or store and they will set you up. If you want to stay with your same carrier I.e. you are on Telus and want to stay with Telus, you will have to phone customer service (611) and have a customer service rep change your plan. Good luck!

  18. Hi,
    You are such a good guy, when there is a good deal, you always inform all your
    fans. I have forwarded your email to my son, they will do it on next week.
    Thank you so much and good night

    • I had enough bitter experience with Rogers, Bell, and Telus. As illustration, would you trust someone to take care of your children who has once been caught in a pedophilia act. What about being caught several times? I have just heard that that catch in the 10GBs for $60 offered by the trio is that consumers who exceed with 1BG would be charged ??? $70 dollars. I am considering Freedom mobility owned by SHAW: 10GB for $50 NO STRINGS attached.

      • Shaw’s one is tricky. The 10G works only within the home network, and in the away network you only can get 500MB. With limited home network of Freedom Mobile. It’s kinda a tricky though…

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