Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna Review

Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna

Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna’

Costco pre-made meals are usually convenient but how do they taste?

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I can’t pass the deli and pre-made section of Costco without seeing what convenient meals they have and if there’s anything new.

The pre-made meals from Costco have made my life easier countless times. My only gripe is that I’ve fallen deeply in love with pre-made meals and salads from this section only to have them discontinued. The lasagna seems to be one of those items that has stuck around for long enough for me to feel confident spending the time to review it. I have to ask though, does anyone remember the bean salad, the Mediterranean pasta salad or the chicken quesadillas? I miss those!!!

Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna

Fresh out of the oven!

I was slightly skeptical about the Kirkland Signature meat lasagna from Costco and it took some time for me to come around to buying it, but it’s actually really good. I assumed they would skimp on meat and cheese but that is not the case. Costco is very generous with the amount of pork and beef in the lasagna and there definitely was a substantial amount of cheese. It’s a super tasty lasagna. The sauce was slightly on the sweeter side for me, which I enjoyed. It is seasoned well, not too salty and basically tastes as good as the lasagna I have ordered in local restaurants. This lasagna has cottage cheese, romano and mozzarella so I think Costco is making the effort to make it taste authentic!

The cost varies depending on the weight of your lasagna (I always look for the most expensive and heaviest, hoping it will last us two meals). The one I bought was $13.67 Canadian which is totally reasonable. Although nothing beats homemade lasagna, you’re looking at a pretty hefty bill and a lot of hours in the kitchen making it from scratch. I’ve attempted this once, it cost me about $60 in ingredients and four hours of my time. I have so much respect for those who cook from scratch all the time! You can probably find a cheaper frozen lasagna at the store but I don’t think those taste quite as good.

I wish Costco would list nutritional information on their pre-made items. I always find myself trying to guess the nutritional stats on these items, but I never really know. This lasagna is probably moderately high in calories with a mix of fat, carbs and protein. One positive is that all the macronutrient groups are covered in this lasagna. The one ingredient listed that I feel is unnecessary is “concentrated soy protein”. I don’t know why that needs to be in the lasagna. In general, lasagna is not the healthiest dinner, but it’s all about portion control. Note that this lasagna is not gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian and it states that it contains soy, possibly nuts and fish.

Do you ever have those Friday nights after a long work week where you want something cheap and easy to make for dinner? This is made for those nights. It’s so easy to make, you just bake it in the container it comes in. I like to cook mine on a baking sheet just in case any spills over and I also like to broil it for a few seconds at the end to get it nice and crispy on top. This freezes well uncooked, and leftovers freeze and reheat fine as well. I love that it has a longer best before date; you have five days to cook it, which makes it a perfect item to pick up on the weekend and then use during your busiest night. Also, I don’t know about your work potlucks, but mine are full of chips and soda. I think bringing a lasagna like this would be greatly appreciated!

Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna

Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna

Overall, this lasagna is delicious, priced well and convenient to prepare. It would be nice to have nutrition information listed in the future. I would definitely repurchase this again and I’ll keep one in the freezer from now on for those nights when I don’t feel like cooking a big meal!

Nutrition: 4/10

Taste: 9/10

Cost: 9.5/10

Convenience: 9/10


What’s your favourite discontinued or current pre-made deli item?

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