Tuffy Infant Cotton Sleepers 18M & 24M Back in Stock!

Hi Everyone,

I was at Costco today for my Thursday update and I wanted to let everyone know that the Tuffy Infant Cotton Sleepers are back in stock.  The 3-month to the 12-month sizes have always been on sale, but 18-24 month sleepers have been out of stock until now!  Since the recall occurred, our son has been sleeping in his sisters old sleepers.  This is fine, except it looks a little funny when we drop him off with the grandparents!

You may recall that the 18 month and 24 month sleepers were voluntary recalled due to a failure in wrist dimension and may present a risk of loose edges that can contact an ignition source.  I wrote about the recall here.  If you still have any of the recalled sleepers, you can still return them for a full refund at Costco.  You can then use your credit to purchase some brand new ones!  You can seen the official recall notice here:  http://www.coapparel.ca/updates

I know that these sleepers are extremely popular with parents (including me) for their great value ($8.99) and their 2-way zippers.  I understand the frustration it takes you 5 minutes to button up a sleeper (in the middle of the night in the dark) on a squirmy, crying baby, only to discover that you have misaligned the buttons!  You will never catch me buying a sleeper with buttons ever again!

The new sleepers have a sticker that says revised fit to show that these are not the recalled sleepers and there are some nice new designs are usual.

Happy Shopping!

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