Kirkland Signature Variety Bars

Kirkland Signature Variety Bars

A delicious treat!

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Last time I was at Costco I noticed the Costco Kirkland Signature Variety Dessert Bars and decided to pick them up to try as they looked so good! I’ve seen these before but I think they may have slightly revamped them!

Kirkland Signature Variety Bars


For $18.99 Canadian you get 32 dessert bars (8 of each kind). That’s super reasonable for so many high quality dessert bars!


During a time like this with COVID-19 these are extra convenient if you’re having some kind of social distanced gathering or celebration. You get 32 bars in the pack, eight of each variety and they come in a big plastic resealable container. Each dessert bar is a perfect size for an individual dessert. These are convenient because of the variety of flavors and how easy they are to serve (no cake cutting). The best before date is about seven days from the date we purchased the bars. These also freeze very well!

Kirkland Signature Variety Bars


These definitely aren’t healthy! There’s a long ingredients list that’s lacking any healthy ingredients and the first ingredient is sugar! However these are a treat and worth the calories, fat and sugar.

Kirkland Signature Variety Bars 


Each flavor is so good! You get four kinds, Haystack Brownie, Wildberry Macaroon, Pecan Caramel Brownie and Caramel Macaroon. The pecan caramel brownie and caramel macaroon taste quite similar and have lots of caramel flavor. The haystack brownie is super rich, chocolaty and fudgy. The wildberry macaroon is sweet, fruity and full of coconut. The bars were fresh, moist and delicious. My favorite is the haystack brownie and my husband loved the wildberry macaroon. I think all of these flavors are enjoyable though and didn’t dislike any of them! They’re dangerous to have around in the freezer.

Although I bought these for just my husband and I to share I would definitely buy them if I were having some kind of get together or if I were going camping. They’re convenient, delicious and a nice treat to have!

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 0/10

Taste: 8/10

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