Costco Gift of Membership $25-$50 Online Bonus Includes Membership Renewals

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So the Gift of Membership deal has come around again this year and some people have already been asking about it.  This annual promotion is the only deal I have found for members who need an extra incentive to renew their membership.  You can also order the “Gift of Membership” online without any shipping cost.

The Gift of Membership never expires, so if your membership does not renew for a while, you can just hold onto the card and redeem it a couple weeks before the renewal date.  Then you can still take advantage of the $25 Online Bonus!

The deal is the same as last year.  If you purchase a “Gift of Membership” you will receive a physical voucher with a promotion code that entitles you to $25 off a minimum $100 purchase at  This promotion code is valid until January 31, 2022.  I have generally found that shopping online at near Black Friday and Boxing day I can usually find something of interest.


This question comes up every year, especially because this promotion previously mentioned that this promotion was intended for new membership only.  However, I have had no problems using this promotion to renew my membership every year.  In fact, the “Gift of Membership” card they give you says “Voucher may be used to renew an existing membership”

You just need to make sure you do this before your membership renews.  If you don’t know when you membership renews, you can find out by signing in onto the app and clicking on the “Renew Membership tab”


To see the official documentation about the “Gift of Membership” deal.  Visit here:


Your online voucher will be emailed within 2-4 business days of your online order being completed, or will be given at time of purchase at the warehouse.

*Valid from October 25, 2021 to January 31, 2022 and may not be combined with any other offer. This offer can only be redeemed on merchandise purchases of $100 or more on (in one transaction, before taxes, applicable fees and shipping, unless applicable fees and/or standard shipping is included in the quoted price). Only one (1) $25 OFF can be used per member per transaction during the promotional period. Voucher will not be replaced if lost or stolen. Voucher amount will not be reissued if merchandise is returned. Offer not valid for Costco purchases made in warehouse, in Costco Business Centres, on, on, on, on, on, or on purchases of Costco Shop Cards, gift cards, certificates and tickets, travel, tires, membership, or membership renewals. Only Canadian Costco members in good standing may take advantage of this offer. Prices, specifications, availability and terms of offers subject to change without notice.

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  1. Although you have 2x $25 vouchers, still only 1 $25 voucher will be used per membership. If you try to use the 2nd voucher, it won’t work under same membership.

  2. So I was looking at the D link WiFi smart water sensor and I went online and can’t find them. I even tried to get them on the Alberta site…any suggestions…thx…Sue

    • Hi Sue, the Water Sensor a clearance item which is indicated by the price that ends in .97. The prices in store will always be cheaper than the online prices as the online prices include the cost of shipping.

  3. can I gift the $25 voucher to the person who I’m gifting the $60 membership card, or is it specifically for the one who is purchasing the gift voucher? does it matter?

    • If you want to renew your Executive Membership, you can buy 2 Gold Star Membership which will give you 2 X $25 vouchers. Then you can renew your executive membership with the 2 Gold Star Cards!

        • You can order this online or in-store. If you buy the Gift of Membership through the store, you can use the $25 voucher right away. If you order it online it will take a couple of days for the voucher to arrive.

      • I have an executive membership. So rather than buying 1 x executive membership and getting a $25 voucher, you can buy 2 x gold memberships to renew the executive and get 2 x $25 vouchers? So sneaky!

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