West Costco Sales Items February 22-28

West Costco Sales Items for February 22-28 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

East Costco Sales Items for February 22-28 for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime Provinces

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Well,  my freezer was still full, but I still did normal shop – with a bunch of extras that were on sale of course!  I actually went back last week to buy the Seally “Euphoria” Mattress that was on sale!  I’m able to go to sleep so much more quickly than my old mattress.  I feel like I’m floating on air. 🙂

This week there is a 55″ Samsung 4K TV that is $300 dollars off.  If my wife would let me (she won’t) this would be a great way to separate me from my money.  The Duracell batteries are on sale, but only ‘C’ ‘D’ and 9V – if you have some weird battery powered appliances this is a great time to stock up.

Dempster’s Bread is on sale in BC, but not the other provinces again this week.  I believe bread will go on sale for 2 weeks in each province from West to East.  Hopefully a kind reader will let me know if bread is on sale next week in Alberta in the comments.  Cappola Sliced Ham and Lilydale Sliced Turkey is on sale.  I picked up a 44th Street Pot Roast for the freezer and some more Babybel cheese.

I will admit that every year I buy the Belmont Angus Burgers; they are great to keep in the freezer for a last minute barbeque!  From the meat section the Pork Lion Centre & Rib (Boneless) is on sale for $5.00 off per package.  The freezer section has some Grande Gourmet Wild Sole Fillets – any reviews on this product at all?

Happy Shopping!

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