Costco West Sales Items for Oct 10-16 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

There are quite few items that were help over from last week as well as many new sale items.

My favorite items are the Novaform Sensicool  Gel Memory Foam Pillow, the Go Pro Silver Package is a new item (but not on sale), the Kiddie Smoke Alarm, the Kiddie Carbon Monoxide alarm, the  Pyrene Plus Fire Extinguisher, the Head Snow Gloves, the Danesborg Jalepeno Havarti (Jalepeno and Regular), the Alexis De Portneuf Belle Creme Cheese, La Terra Fina Artichoke Parmesan Garlic Dip (Yum), 3M Scotchbrite Sponges, Minute Maid Orange Juice, Nature’s Classic Organic Edamame, Alexia Sweet Potato Fries, and Annie’s Boom Chicka Pop.  The Peanut M&M‘s are on sale ( if you buy a couple of packages you get a free Cineplex movie too)  I have a peanut allergy so I don’t get these.

Carried over from last week in the beverages section: Mott’s Clamato,  San Pellegrino (Large Bottles), Gatorade, and Gatorade G2, Perrier Rainbow Pack, Ocean Spray Juices and Organic Coconut Milk

One of the cheapest items I have ever seen go on sale this week is the Strubs Homestylye Hot Pepper Jalepeno Mix Regular $4.69 – $2.00 = $2.69.  This must be close to the lowest priced item I have seen at Costco in a while, although I have no idea what I would do with 2L of Hot Peppers.  Maybe I can get a box to spice up a work BBQ or something.

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If you are interested in seeing what is on sale in US Costco (the sales last for the month) CLICK HERE!!

One thing to keep in mind when reading this blog is that sales items in the meat and produce section are store dependent – the manager sets the sales for these items.  For that reason, the chicken sales that you see this week (and last) may not be available at your store.  Also, any items on the blog that end in ‘.97’ means the item is on a clearance.  These ‘.97’ items are also store dependent.  If you are interested in one of these products you can check with customer service to see if any of the items is available at a nearby store!  If you purchased the product previously and it has gone on sale, if you bring in the original receipt and you have purchased the product withing 30 days (or longer, depending on the employee), Costco will refund you the difference!

Happy Shopping!

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Use these posts to make the best use of your Costco Card! I have done all the hard work for you and have a weekly listings of all the Costco Sales Items and flyers. Costco does not publish these Costco sales items; the only way to find out what is on sale is to walk the whole store! Come back every Monday to find out what is on sale for the week. The sales may vary slightly by store, but are generally pretty consistent between Western Canada. If there is something you really want, please make sure to double check the expiry date as some of the Costco sales items have been known to end mid-week.

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  1. I am looking for the outdoor coach led light – it is listed here for 34.99. Which store has it? I have checked at 2 stores and they don’t have it. Please advise.

  2. I live in langley bc and apparently our store is selling the Xbox one for 400 something. Does anyone know which stores have it for 299?

  3. Has anyone seen the Paderno Skillet in the Vancouver area?

    I have contacted the two closest stores to me, and they can’t find anything.

  4. I bough some LED Sunbeam bulbs (3 in a package) few months ago. Through out the packaging. The bulbs for some reason do not work the way they should, they seems to go on and off once in a while, tried these in different fixtures and they act up the same way. Can I return these without packaging or receipt.

  5. DAMNIT!!! Check the fine print on all of the lights and bulbs listed.

    BC Hydro Rebate

    Only available in BC!!! I went to load up on light bulbs, only to find out in Alberta that they aren’t on sale.

  6. That pillow is the best! Hubby and I each got one last time they were on sale and ever since my teenage son has been asking for one so now that they are on sale again I will get him one. Not so sure I will bother getting one for my younger child though even though they are a really great price for what you get!

  7. I gotta say, the Mashed Potatoes are awesome. I made them for Thanksgiving this past weekend. I usually use real potatoes but you can’t tell the difference really! Saves you the peeling/boiling/mashing! I used 2 packages and it was enough for 6 adults plus leftovers!

  8. I totally appreciate your posts too. My business includes shopping for people in the Kelowna, BC area so this is awesome. I usually love to go up and down every aisle and see what else is on sale which I still do but make my list from here before I go, Thanks again!

  9. So much appreciate all the work you put into this . I look forward to every email and do my shopping from items posted. Great work in helping those of us who really need a deal. Thanks.

  10. Thank you so much for these posts. I live 45 minutes from a Costco, so it helps me decide whether I want to make the trip or not. 🙂

  11. I’ve just started following your page and I have to tell you how awesome it is! We live an hour and a bit away from Costco so knowing what’s currently offered helps us plan our trips so much better! Thank you!!

  12. Yes do you go to any Costco in particular as
    Sometimes I can’t find the same stuff you post.

    As well, Hampton house is also having a sale on their Parmesan chicken (at willingdon).

  13. What location is the GoPro at? I went last week and Still Creek said they had none, my friend went to Richmond and was told they sold out the first day, and I phoned downtown and they said they were sold out.

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