Costco West Sales Items for Nov 14-20 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Hi Everyone!  There are no handout coupons this week – the same thing happened two weeks before and after Black Friday last year!  Fortunately, there are still lots of sale items that are unadvertised!  Just so everyone is aware, Costco started its holiday hours last week – which means it stays open an extra hour on the weekend!  It stays open until 7:00PM on Saturdays and 6:00PM on Sundays!

Well the CFL playoffs are here so if you are looking for some snacks for the big game the Hampton House Dry Garlic Ribs, TGI Fridays Potato Skins, Cuisine Adventures Mini Quiche Assortments, Franks Red Hot, Pepsi Products, Cappola Charcuteries,  Munchies Snack Mix and Cretors Chicago Mix Popcorn are all on sale 🙂

Sorry about the post last week – some of you didn’t see the pictures for a while.  It should be all corrected for future posts 🙂  Thanks for your patience everyone!


Happy Shopping!

If you are interested in seeing what Costco is selling in the seasonal section (Halloween and Christmas) CLICK HERE!!!

If you are interested in seeing what is on sale in US Costco (the sales last for the month) CLICK HERE!!

One thing to keep in mind when reading this blog is that sales items in the meat and produce section are store dependent – the manager sets the sales for these items.  For that reason, the chicken sales that you see this week (and last) may not be available at your store.  Also, any items on the blog that end in ‘.97’ means the item is on a clearance.  These ‘.97’ items are also store dependent.  If you are interested in one of these products you can check with customer service to see if any of the items is available at a nearby store!  If you purchased the product previously and it has gone on sale, if you bring in the original receipt and you have purchased the product withing 30 days (or longer, depending on the employee), Costco will refund you the difference!

Happy Shopping!

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Use these posts to make the best use of your Costco Card! I have done all the hard work for you and have a weekly listings of all the Costco Sales Items and flyers. Costco does not publish these Costco sales items; the only way to find out what is on sale is to walk the whole store! Come back every Monday to find out what is on sale for the week. The sales may vary slightly by store, but are generally pretty consistent between Western Canada. If there is something you really want, please make sure to double check the expiry date as some of the Costco sales items have been known to end mid-week.

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  1. The Purex toilet paper is not available at Saskatoon West store. I asked and they aren’t bringing it in. I haven’t gone to the new Saskatoon East store yet. .

  2. Maybe you’ve been doing this for a while, but I’ve only noticed it now… thank you for also posting both the front and back of each food item! Very much appreciated!

  3. Anyone in the Edmonton area see the toy kitchen set above at their Costco? It’s not in Sherwood Park from what I can see…. really would like to pick it up – TIA!

  4. I went to Costco in Burnaby, BC tonight and none of the items ending in .97 were there. It was so frustrating, I was really excited to get these items and nada. I wish the posts were more province specific, avoid the disappointment.

    • I’m pretty sure this is from Richmond Costco.

      I go to the Langley Costco and sometimes the items ending in .97 are not there either, BUT it is not because it’s not province specific – rather .97 means it’s clearance item, and that Costco has simply sold out.

  5. Regarding the Hunter Douglas Blinds, I am now relieved I didn’t get a response from them, when I tried to contact them through Costco. I ended up using Budget Blinds and they were terrific!

  6. Those truffles are really gross. Nobody in the office likes eating them. I dunno why bosses and some people don’t get it because they always end up in the garbage.

    Nothing good as usual at Costco this week. We canceled our membership because Costco Canada has such poor sales compared to the US. It’s ridiculously too expensive to go to Costco in the USA now, so no point in having one. Although we will still bring the family in for a snack and free samples. We still have our membership cards, lol.

    • Okay, you may not like them but a lot of people do. So, you know what they say about opinions…

      So you have cancelled your membership, but are still going in to mooch free samples? Wow… you know if you’re actually in that dire need of food there are food banks you can access.

    • Hey Melanie! Where do you get your pride. Costco is for paying members only, go mooch free samples elsewhere. By the way, how do you seek in without a Membership?

  7. Costco should give you a commission. I wasn’t planning on going this week, but after seeing some of the items on sale I’ll be making a trip. Thanks as always!

  8. The Dermal Therapy cream is great. Buy the Kirkland Naproxen instead of Alene, much cheaper. Toilet paper isn’t on that great a sale, usually it’s $18.99 on sale.

    For a quick low-carb oatmeal, add milk or cream to chia seeds and ground flax seed. Microwave for a minute or two, stirring occasionally, add Splenda (or brown sugar, hey you saved the oatmeal carbs right? XD

    Your hard work is much appreciated! Thank you so much for this site!

  9. Thank you so much! Costco is ridiculous, it doesn’t build up anticipation that they don’t tell us what other deals they have around Black Friday.

  10. Clicked all the adds, thanks so much. How many times can you get paid from one person’s clicks? I wanna keep clicking but not sure how many times you’ll get credited. Let me know, thanks.

    • One of the rules about hosting Google Ads is that the owner of the site can’t encourage or ask people to click on ads. I usually click on one or two ads every time I visit. From what I’ve read, clicking on more than that might get flagged.

    • Yes you really shouldn’t over do it. I had a friend who operated a soccer forum that used google ads. One member kept clicking on all the ads over and over. After a couple weeks, Google killed the ad account for the forum. No appeals worked and it resulted in a huge loss of revenue for the site. Just be careful.

  11. OMG, the truffles are to die for, make great gifts! The chia seeds are a ridiculous good price too, will stock up, we use them a lot! Thank you!!

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