Costco – Hunter Douglas Window Fashions – Do not Purchase

As most of you who have been following my blog know, I am one of Costco’s biggest fans.  I go almost every week and walk the entire store to check out every deal I can and share the deals with everyone.  So after a couple of years in our house, I decided that it was time to purchase some new blinds.  On Costco’s website, I noticed that Costco – Hunter Douglas Window Fashions and I decided to go with them to fit up our house.

Unfortunately, both the product and the service was not up to Costco’s high standards.  If I had to choose a blind provider again, I would not choose to go with Costco.  I just want to outline a few of the failings here and perhaps save some people some time, money and frustration.

  1. When the blinds were installed – one of the window coverings was missing.  It had to be remade and took a couple of extra weeks to come in.
  2. Every blind that we ordered for our bedrooms (5 blinds) was defective.  The blinds would not stay open an would slowly fall closed.
  3. When reporting this warranty problem, the company said their policy was not to remake the blinds – they would only take the blinds away leaving us with no blinds until the problem was repaired!
  4. After speaking with the customer service representative, I told them that we have a baby and that we needed some kind of covering so the baby can take naps during the day.  The representative told me that they could remake the blinds in the nursery and take the rest back for repair.
  5. A couple weeks later, the installer called me to say that all the blinds (all five) were remade and set up a date for installation.  Yay!
  6. The installer arrived with only the blinds for the nursery :(.  Confused, he realized that he read his work order wrong and that he was meant to collect all the other blinds for repair.  The installer takes all the blinds away from the other bedrooms leaving them completely bare.  It is a good thing we have a curtain in our room!
  7. When I called to follow up with the sales person – she stated that there is not much that she can do – she doesn’t work for Hunter Douglas, but the company that Costco subcontracts to do the work.

With all that being said.  These blinds weren’t exactly cheap.  If I had purchased them from Costco, I would be returning them for a full refund.  Since Costco subcontracts out all this work – this is not possible and methods of recourse for sub-par service and product are not there.  Unfortunately, it has scared me away from using any of the other products and services offered by Costco like the HVAC or garage installations.

I’m always work to make sure everyone is aware of the great deals at Costco – and thought that you should know about the bad ones as well!

Happy Shopping!

EDIT:  I have taken some of the advice from the commenters and called Costco Customer service.  I told them about my experience and they took notes – the promised me that someone would follow up with me.  I will keep you updated

EDIT 2:  Costco did not follow up 🙁

EDIT 3: (2017-06-14)  My blinds above my patio door have failed.  The installer has arrived to look at the blinds and determined that they needed to be remade.  The installer mentioned that the quality of the blinds have decreased in the last couple of years.  The contractor Custom Decora has told me that it will take 2 weeks to re-make the blinds.

EDIT 4: (2017-07-14)  I have not heard anything from Custom Decora.  I had to call them back to find out the status of the blinds.  They have told me that they don’t know why no one contacted me to tell me that the blinds were delayed.  Apparently the blinds have been shipped out and have sent instructions for the installer to contact me.

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