Costco West Sales Items for Dec 19-25 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

FACEBOOK CONTEST UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who entered the contest a couple of weeks ago! The two winners of the Costco Gift Cards are: Lori Schindel Noble & Donna Jarvis Ames. I will send you a message shortly – or you can contact me with your mailing address. Congratulations!!!

There were a couple of recalls this week.

Costco Recall Warning: Riveted Cutting Blades in Certain Cuisinart® Food Processors

Food Recall Warning (Again)– Ajinomoto Yakitori Chicken with Japanese-Style Fried Rice – Listeria Monocytogenes

Also there is a sale on 4X6 photo printing ($0.10 per photo)  (and you can see a picture of my little one.)

There were no coupons again this week.  I expect quite a few great deals next Monday as it coincides with Boxing Day!!!  Boxing Day always gets me excited 🙂  Even though there were no coupons this week, I still came out with a bunch of items.  My wife likes the Fontaine Sante Humm! Red Pepper Hummus and the Skotidakis Tzatziki to dip her bread and vegetables in.  The Luisa’s 7 layered Dip was a sample – i tried it and it was pretty good.  The Garden Fresh Gourmet Mango Peach Salsa always seem to get good reviews on this blog as well.  Kirkland Paper Towels are a great deal at $13.99 for 12 rolls.  And I picked up a 3 pack of Alcan Alluminum foil.  I haven’t seen Ritz Crackers on sale (or in stock) for a while so I picked up a pack.

Since this is the last post before Christmas – I hope everyone has time to spend with their friends and loved ones.  Be safe and I’ll see you again on boxing day.

Happy Shopping

Check out deals for Eastern Canada for December 19-25 here.


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Happy Shopping!

*** One thing to keep in mind when reading this blog is that sales items in the meat and produce section are store dependent – the manager sets the sales for these items. For that reason, the chicken sales that you see this week (and last) may not be available at your store. Also, any items on the blog that end in ‘.97’ means the item is on a clearance. These ‘.97’ items are also store dependent. If you are interested in one of these products you can check with customer service to see if any of the items is available at a nearby store! If you purchased the product previously and it has gone on sale, if you bring in the original receipt and you have purchased the product withing 30 days (or longer, depending on the employee), Costco will refund you the difference!

Use these posts to make the best use of your Costco Card! I have done all the hard work for you and have a weekly listings of all the Costco Sales Items and flyers. Costco does not publish these Costco sales items; the only way to find out what is on sale is to walk the whole store! Come back every Monday to find out what is on sale for the week. The sales may vary slightly by store, but are generally pretty consistent between Western Canada. If there is something you really want, please make sure to double check the expiry date as some of the Costco sales items have been known to end mid-week.

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  1. If anyone is checking this for Christmas Eve, most Costco stores are sold out of Christmas baking. Surprising since most years they have it all 1/2 price on Boxing Day.

  2. Thank you for tirelessly doing this specially through the busy Holiday Season. I clicked a few ads for you 🙂
    I noticed there’s $19 Entertainment Books in store as well. This is the first time I noticed this. I’m on the fence whether to wait out promo codes on other sites in Jan/Feb. I’m worried it may sell out though lol.

    Different topic – How to track spending.
    I’m debating whether to renew my Executive Membership. Is there a way to check total in-store spending online? Or simply ask customer service to check?

  3. Costco gift cards are a great present to give and get. Has any one given one to a NON Costco member and that recipient was told he/she was are not allowed to use more than two gift cards…that their name is noted at the desk now (needed to registered prior to shopping)… and after the 2nd time they will not be able to use gift cards.
    Does this mean NON Costco members can NOT be recipients of Costco gift cards??

    • This is from the Costco Website on Costco gift cards:
      * Non-member use
      You do not have to be a Costco member to use a Costco Cash Card, but non-members must register for a one-day shopping pass at the Membership Counter to access the warehouse. Non-members may only be issued a one-day pass twice per calendar year and the one-day pass may not be used as a replacement for a Costco membership. Non-members may not carry a balance on the card. If they do not spend the full amount of the card, the balance will be refunded at the cash register. If the value of a non-member purchase exceeds the value of the cash card, the excess can only be paid by cash, debit or MasterCard.

  4. Merry Christmas to everyone and OP, thanks for taking the time to post.

    Btw, do you know if Costco usually has Boxing Day/Week deals?

  5. Thank you for posting these every week! I did find some discrepancies though, our Saskatoon Store didn’t have the -Sparkling Apple Juice’ it was regular price 9.99 and the cocktail sausages were regular price as well as the Kraft old Cheddar was regular price.

  6. Question: has anyone seen the fondue pots at their Costcos? Willingdon is sold out.

    Thanks so much for your excellent work in keeping us all up to date! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Ask someone at the store to check the item number in their computer system. You will learn which stores have stock, and how many in stock.

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for you and family. Thanks again for your time and effort to help us save money. It is very much appreciated by us as we are newly retired and any money saved is good. :o)

    • Who cares if he missed one or two discounted items out of hundreds of items on display? Instead of saying “You missed this and that…”, add a comment by saying “there’s also this items on sale. Just saying there captain keyboard warrior.

  8. Thank you for the wonderful job you do every week. I appreciate the hard work and enjoy looking at all the weekly deals before heading out to Costco. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  9. Hey, does Costco ever have these secret type sales in the Liquor stores? If they do, it sure would be great to know about them too!!!!

  10. Thank you so much for all your efforts to provide us with all the information to make our shopping quicker and less stressful.
    Wishing you and your family all the best during this holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

  11. Thank you so much for posting. Really appreciate your time in taking all of the photos and showing the ingredients labels on the food products.

    Merry Christmas to you and your whole family and wishing you health and happiness in the new year.

  12. Thank you for doing all this leg work week after week. You have definitely made a difference to my Costco shopping trips. Wishing you a wonderful holiday and a very happy, safe & healthy New Year!

  13. Is the photo for Martinelli’s mislabeled? $6.49 seems too good to be true – it looks like the same code as the previous sparking drinks? Otherwise I’m definitely taking my receipt back for a price match 🙂

  14. Just wanted to say thank you for all the work you do for us each and every week. I look forward to your emails and am a smarter because of them. Wish you and your loved ones a wonderful and safe holiday season with the best of health and happiness in 2017.

  15. A coworker told me about this site – I wish I knew about it sooner! I can’t believe all the sales I have been missing. Thanks for this service you provide. I clicked on some ads for you and I hope everyone else does too.

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