Costco Photo Centre Sale – $0.10 – 4X6 Photos

If you haven’t used it before, this is a great time to try out Costco’s Photo Centre.  Right now there is a special deal where 4X6 photos (postcard-sized) are $0.10 each!!!  The regular price – I believe is $0.14.  Since I am already at Costco every week for you all, I try to upload some photos of the baby using the handy Iphone app and they are ready to be picked up the next day!  The main Costco App for Iphone or Android gives you the option of accessing the Photo Centre from the main menu.

If you haven’t already purchased a gift for Grandma, a collage of 4X6 photos is always an appreciated gift 🙂 There is still lots of time to order since prints are usually ready the next day.

Find a link to the photo centre here:

Happy Shopping!

Thanks to my little one for staying still long enough to model for this post 🙂  Also, for those of you wondering – yes those are Costco onesies.




Written by Costco West


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  1. Such a cutie! Thanks for all the postings throughout the year. Your hard work is much appreciated. Happy holidays to you and your family ?

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