RECALL NOTICE: Oball rattles with 5 orange beads – Refund Information Inside

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Here is a recall notice for a product not sold at Costco, but since I have a little one and we have a couple of these toys in our house and I know a lot of my friends do as well.  We have two of these toys.  One was affected by the recall, and one was not affected by the recall.  If you have the toy with 5 different coloured rattle balls (ours are red, green, blue, yellow and orange), you are OK.  If you have the toy with the 5 orange balls – the toy has been recalled and you should put the toy away and follow the instructions to get a refund here:


This recall involves Oball Rattles models 81031 and 81548 available in pink, blue, green, purple and orange.  The balls have 28 finger holes and measure approximately 10.2 centimetres (four inches) in diameter. Embedded in the rattles are a clear plastic disc with all orange beads and two clear plastic discs with beads of varying colors on the perimeter.

The clear plastic disc on the outside of the ball can break and release small beads, posing a choking hazard to young children.

As of February 15, 2017, the company has received no report of incidents in Canada, and no report of injuries. In the United States, the company has received 42 reports of the plastic disc breaking releasing small beads, including 5 reports of beads in a child’s mouth.

The recalled products were sold from January 2016 to February 2017 at Walmart Canada, Sears, Loblaws Canada, Kids Central, London Drugs limited, Toys R Us Canada and online at

Fro your information on the recall – you can visit the Government of Canada recall notice here:

To find out how to apply for a refund by the manufacturer visit here:


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