• Costco West Sales Items for July 10-16 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    Hi Everyone!

    Sorry for the late post today.  I wasn’t even planning on being in the city this weekend.  I was supposed to be headed up to the Caribou for a work retreat, unfortunately, our plans changed due to the fires going on up there.  I would like to send my best wishes for anyone who is affected by the fires and remind you that you can donate through http://www.redcross.ca/ – anything helps.  I was still able to get the post out today, but it is a little late due to some family commitments.

    WOW!  It looks like everyone had a great Canada Day long weekend!  I took the time to read almost every comment (over 2,000) and pictures.  Thank you so much!  It made me really happy to see all the activities that make our country a great place to live!  Thanks to all the people who worked over the long weekend as well!!!!


    Since it is so late again, I’ll just post the pictures today.

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    Happy Shopping!


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