• Costco Japan – Deli, Seafood & Sushi Items!

    Hi Everyone,

    Unfortunately, I’ve posted a couple of bad news recalls on this site – so I wanted to end the week with a little bit of fun.

    A friend of mine from work knew that I had this blog and offered to take some pictures from their trip to a Japanese Costco!  Did you know that there are 25 Costco Warehouses in Japan?  Some of deli items look pretty awesome.  I wouldn’t mind if they started stocking some of these items.  I know I like going to the Bellingham Costco since they fly over Poke from Hawaii.  Japan is definitely on the list of places I would like to visit. What do you think?

    Just so you have an idea of the exchange rate, 1677 ¥ = $20.00 CAD

    Make sure to take a look at the unadvertised, secret Costco West Sales Items for June 12-18 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan


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