In Stock – Pekkle Sleepers

Just in time for Holiday Gift Giving!  Pekkle Sleepers (onesies) have returned to Costco!  As you may recall, these popular onesies for 0-24 months were recalled last May – click here.  There have been rumours that this product would return and I have been asked by many people to post when these products have returned for sale.  They probably have been on sale for a while, but unfortunately, my daughter has grown out of these, and I haven’t specifically walked by this area.  These sleepers were pretty much all she wore for the first couple years of her life.  I love that they change the designs every couple months so they have have different clothes as they grow older.

If you still have some of the old Pekkle Sleepers – or have some left in your closet, you can still return them for a full refund!  You do not even need a receipt.  Make sure to check the lot number to see if the product has been recalled.

I’ve taken some pictures of the new sleepers for everyone.  The price is the same as before $7.99.

Happy Shopping!

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