Good Morning Everyone,

Kirkland Baby Wipes are on sale for this week only January 29 – February 4, 2018 one week later than predicted!  I know a lot of people have been waiting for this sale.  It seems to happen a couple of times a year.

There are lots of great items this week!  I picked up some Fontaine Sante Roasted Garlic Hummus, Cheerios, Bounty Paper Towels, Liberte Organic Greek Yogurt, Alexia Foods Sweet Potato Fries, Hampton House Dry Garlic Ribs, Cretor’s Chicago Mix, The Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps, Advil 100mg Grape Chewable Tablets, and of course some Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes (even though the little one is all toilet trained as of the New Year!!!)

DIAPERS AND WIPES SALE UPDATE:  For those of you keeping track – If we go by last year:

  1. Kirkland Baby Wipes were on sale from January 23-29,
  2. Huggies Wipes went on sale from January 30 – February 5.
  3. Kirkland Formula (and Kirkland Baby Wipes) went on sale from February 27 – March 5.
  4. Huggies Pull-ups went on sale from February 27 – March 12.
  5. Huggies Diapers went on sale from March 6-12.

This is no means a guarantee of when things go on sale – it is just something to keep in mind when you are planning on purchasing your next set of diapers.

If you are new to this blog – or wondering why the prices or products are different at your Western Canada Costco, please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

Happy Shopping!

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