• Costco West Sale Items for March 5-12, 2018 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    Hi Everyone,

    As predicted, this week, Huggies Pull-Ups, Kirkland Signature Infant Formula, and Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes are on sale this week!  Pick them up now as this sale only happens twice each year.  You will not be able to find a cheaper price for diapers.  I prefer Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes as they do not smell and do not tear.

    You also purchase the Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes ONLINE! Here

    You also purchase the Kirkland Signature Infant Formula ONLINE! Here and Here

    The online prices are more expensive that the in-store price as Shipping and Handling is included in the online price.  This is a good option for those of you who live far away or can’t get to a store this week!

    If you are new to this blog – or wondering why the prices or products are different at your Western Canada Costco, please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

    Don’t forget to sign up for the FREE $25 Loblaw and Save-On Gift cards! Find out more information here!

    Happy Shopping!

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