Hi Everyone!

I’m still not yet up to going down the US to do my usual full post.  But here are the coupons for the month of August.

Costco West Sale Items for Aug 6 – Aug 12, 2018 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Did you know that Costco Warehouses in the US now accept the Canadian Costco Capital One Mastercard for both their Gas Bar and their Warehouses?  This is the only Mastercard they accept, but handy if you want to pick something up while you are down there.  Check out my post here:  https://cocowest.ca/2018/04/do-us-costco-warehouses-now-accept-the-canadian-capital-one-mastercard/

Apparently, Costco is looking accepting all Costco-branded credit cards at any location in the world i.e. they plan to accept the US Costco VISA in Canada or Accept Canadian Costco Mastercard and US Costco VISA in the UK.  Once their system has been upgraded, they will start advertising this benefit.

Happy Shopping!

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