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It has been a couple of years (2016) since Costco US and Costco Canada switched their payment methods from American Express.  Costco Canada now only accepts MasterCard (it can be any MasterCard credit card).  Costco USA only accepts VISA (it can be any VISA credit card).

Everything that I have read indicated that Costco in the US would only accept VISA; however, on my last trip to Washington State, I was able to pay for my grocery bill and my gasoline with my Canadian Costco Capital One branded MasterCard!  I don’t think this has been advertised anywhere and I don’t know how long this benefit has been available, but it definitely works!

The employees at the Costco I shopped at insisted that they only accepted VISA credit cards, but they allowed me to insert my card and the payment went through after I entered in my PIN code.  They seemed really confused that it worked and told me that I must be using a debit card because I had to enter a PIN.  I told them that this was a credit card and they told me that “things are much different here in the USA”  I just shrugged. 🙂

I like the convenience of using one card to keep track of all my Costco purchases, since I make a lot of them!

For now, it seems like Costco Warehouse in the US will be taking the Canadian Costco Capital One branded MasterCard for all of its purchases.  Please feel free to test this out and post your results!!!

UPDATE #1:  thanks Don for letting me know that the Costco Capital one card is the only credit cards without an annual fee that does not charge a foreign exchange fee.  Check out their terms and conditions here:


Transaction Fees
• Balance Transfer Fee None.
• Cash Advance Fee None.
• Foreign Transaction Fee None.

It looks like this information was from the US site.  I contacted Capital One this morning and there is a 2.5% foreign exchange fee as stated in their disclosure statement.  They just hide the fee so you don’t see it on your statement 🙁  https://costcoca.capitalonecards.com/web?locale=en_CA#/splash

UPDATE #2: Also, thanks to Deb for reminding me about the US Costco return policy!  If you purchase something at any Costco Worldwide you can return it to any Costco location for a full refund!  If you use your Costco Canada Capital One MasterCard,  you should not even venture be charged a foreign exchange fee (see above)!  I have purchased clothes that do not fit my little one from the US and have returned it successfully to a Costco in Canada!  This is another great benefit since I didn’t want to make the trip all the way down to Bellingham to return a $10.00 shirt!

If you are new to this blog – or wondering why the prices or products are different at your Western Canada Costco, please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

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