Why Doesn’t Costco Have an Express Lane? (and other Costco Questions)

Hi Everyone!

Costco is closed across Canada tomorrow for Labour Day (checkout their holiday closures here) so I hope everybody has enjoyed their summer (despite the fire situation here in BC).  Since Costco is closed tomorrow, I’ll be posting pictures Tuesday evening instead!

I have been following Costco Canada’s Facebook page for a while now, and I have been taking note of some of the responses they have provided to specific comments.  If I noticed something an interesting question and answer, I saved it for a post like this!  The nice thing about these answers are that they are official answers from Costco as opposed to other “answers” you hear from on the Internet.

Q: Why doesn’t Costco have express lanes?
A: In regards to express lanes, our goal is to make every line an express line and our current technology enables us to see many members per hour. We have studied this possibility many times and found that the longest part of the transaction is unrelated to the number of items. In our warehouse environment, express lanes are therefore of little benefit to members. Cheers! ~James

Q: When will Costco be bringing back Kirkland Signature Protein Bars?
A: Thank you for following-up on the availability of our KS Protein Bars.  We were previously unable to provide more detailed information as we were awaiting the outcome of a discussion between the Federal Government and the manufacturer of the bars.  As a result of those discussions, the manufacturer has decided to reformulate the bars.  We are pleased that you enjoy our KS Protein bars and are sure you will enjoy the new reformulated ones as well.  We look forward to having our bars back in our Canadian locations soon. -Cathy

Q: Why don’t you advertise all your sales items?
A: Thank you for stopping by.  Please note that our warehouses may offer products that are placed on Temporary Price Discounts or at a reduced price which are not advertised in our Weekly Savings flyers. This is part of the Treasure Hunt atmosphere our members can enjoy while shopping at our stores. Have a great day! -Stephanie

Q: Why doesn’t Costco carry more ‘Made in Canada’ products?
A: We appreciate that you have taken the time to bring your concerns to our attention. Costco maintains a neutral position when making buying decisions.  It is our goal to provide members with the best value for the products we sell.  In order to do this, we believe it best to maintain our policy of neutral purchasing practices. Thank you -Cathy

Q: Why is Costco open on some statutory holidays?
A: Costco’s holiday closures are based on provincial laws. For more information on our hours of operation and holiday closures, please visit http://bit.ly/2KLOWme. Thank you. -Cathy

Q: Can you tell me if a new Costco Warehouse be built in my town?
A: Thanks for stopping by our Facebook page. As location assessments are very strategic, in Canada, we do not provide information regarding plans to open, relocate or expand any Costco warehouses. We encourage you to visit Costco.ca for updates on locations: http://bit.ly/2KALYUT. Thank you and we hope you have a great Canada Day. -Cristina

Q: Why don’t you carry a larger variety of products?
A: Thanks for reaching out to us. One way Costco keeps our prices at their absolute best is to keep limited inventory on hand. We have to make sure that each and every one provides exceptional value. With such few items, the inventory is constantly changing! – Have a great day – Lynn

Q: What are my options if I decided I don’t like a product you have sold, but I have already opened the package?
A: For your consideration, Costco has a satisfaction guarantee on our merchandise, so if you are ever dissatisfied with a product please bring the remaining item/packaging back to your local warehouse to request a refund. Thank you! ~James

A: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on merchandise (with the exception of major appliances and electronics). Please feel free to bring the item to your local warehouse for assistance. Our returns policy is available on Costco.ca: http://bit.ly/2J69hBc Thanks -Cathy

Q: I would like to work for Costco.  How can I apply?
A: Thank you for your interest in joining the Costco team. All available job positions are listed on Costco.ca, please visit and log in to our Employment Opportunities site where you can see which jobs are available, and submit your application for any opportunities you may be interested in. Please refer to the following link: http://bit.ly/2sMvG1g . Thanks! -Cathy

Q: You packaging to product ratio is high?  Can you please use less packaging in your products?
A: We continue to review our sustainability programs and will keep this in consideration. We work on sustainable packaging initiatives, waste and energy reduction on an ongoing basis. Your comments have been shared with the appropriate departments for review. -Cathy

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