USA Northwest Costco Sales – Oct 3-28, 2018 (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington)

Hi Everyone!

I made it down to the US to take some pictures this week.  There were so many items that I took pictures of this week – 260 pictures in all.   The one impulse purchase that I made was the Cranberry Walnut Round.  They were hot out of the oven when they came out and everyone seemed to know about them.  As I was checking out, the two people at checkout said as soon as I tried the bread, I would regret not purchasing 2 loaves.  I had the bread this evening and they weren’t wrong.  The bread is deliciously soft and the cranberries added some great flavour.

I really wanted to get the Beer Advent Calendar they had there with 24 German Beers, but I did not want to have to pay duties.  Anyone know of a similar product you can purchase here in BC?

They also sold a 7.5 ft, 9 ft and 12ft pre-lit Christmas Tree.  I know some people were looking for the 9ft Christmas tree so maybe the only way to get that one is to head down to the US.  I’m definitely, going to need a bigger house to fit a 12 ft Christmas tree!

That is it for tonight. Enjoy the pictures.  Thanks for spotting me in the store and saying “hi” Anthony!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. I know Victoria-based Phillips Brewery produces a very popular beer advent called the Snowcase. It was sold at BCLs and some private stores. It’s not out for this year just yet.

  2. Do you think that he chooses what ads displays on your screen? It’s not his fault and he is doing us a favor by taking his time to not only take pictures but to post them as well. Your comment was not deserved and go ahead and put your ad blocker on…. who knows if it will happen again and you’ll throw another little tantrum. I get that you clicked on the ad to support him, and kudos for doing that! But I don’t like seeing negativity for something that isn’this fault.

  3. Woah. I just got a full-screen pop-up advertisement when I clicked on the link for this post from the home page. If you start going with aggressive advertising like that then I’m going to turn my ad-blocker back on for your site. That’s the kind of obnoxious, over-the-top advertising that caused ad-blockers to be developed in the first place.

    • I didn’t get any aggressive adverting at all. Instead of thanking the person who posts this and shares this with us, you decide to be whine and complain.

      Your rude and you should be blocked off this site.

  4. Yes, I have bought the beer advent calendar up here in BC in the past. Unfortunately my husband wasn’t to thrilled because he isn’t one that likes dark beer.

  5. There are multiple beer advent calendars in BC. The first couple years they sold out quickly and were hard to get, but they produce more each year so it’s getting easier. If you’re specifically looking for a German beer one I haven’t seen those here; they’re mostly made with BC beers it seems. BC liquor store carries some as well as some breweries; not sure if it’s started yet.

    • Yay! We are getting a liquor store next to our warehouse (South Edmonton) but maybe will have to check out the Sherwood Park one. Do you know if they are out yet?

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