Preview: Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes & Leanfit Whey Protein Powder SALE!

Hi Everyone!

Good Morning!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Just so you guys know – Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes and GFR Leanfit Whey Protein Powder is on sale this week at Costco.  I know lots of people have been waiting to stock up on these so I wanted to create this post to make sure that everyone has enough time to get down to the Warehouse.  (The Kirkland Baby Wipes have unfortunately, gone up in price by $1.00 since the last time they were on sale.)


It looks like Costco has added frees shipping to orders over $75 now!  It might have been offered for a while now, but it looks like they now they list the same price as the Warehouse price as well as a separate shipping price.  On top of that the online orders state:

2 business day delivery when ordered by 12pm
No separate delivery surcharge with orders of $75 or more

That is great news for those who live far away or need to really stock up on Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes this summer!

Happy Shopping!



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