Vicentina Italian Porchetta Review

Vicentina Italian Porchetta

Intimidating looking but still tasty enough!

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Today I’m talking porchetta! The Vicentina Italian Porchetta from Costco. Last year my husband and I visited Italy and one of the most common “to-go” lunches you’d see everyone eating is porchetta sandwiches! We had porchetta from a small bakery/deli in a town called Old Frascati (if you ever go to Italy it’s the cutest little town) and it was AMAZING! So I was curious if this Costco Vicentina Italian Porchetta tasted as good.

Vicentina Italian Porchetta In The Package


The porchetta is 1.5 kg large and I paid I paid $16.99 Canadian on sale. Regular price is $19.99 Canadian. I snagged it on sale for but I still see that as a little on the pricey side! You’re getting a TON of pork though! Easily enough to serve four to six adults and still have leftovers.

Vincentina Italian Porchetta After Cooking


Initially when I bought this I thought ohhh yes this will be a quick, easy, week night meal. Oh no, this takes two hours or longer to cook in the oven at 400 degrees farenheit! It’s convenient to actually cook but if you’re wanting dinner quick after you get home from your Costco trip this isn’t the best option. The best before date is also about a month from the date we purchased the porchetta. My husband wanted to tell readers that he found removing the strings a bit difficult as well.


Vicentina Italian Porchetta (Just over 100g portion)

Vicentina Porchetta Nutrition


This is high in fat, calories, sodium and protein! 100 grams (which isn’t that much at all) is 230 calories, 17 grams of fat, one gram of carbohydrates, 17 grams of protein and 380 mg of sodium. The ingredients list is surprisingly pretty straight forward without many chemical sounding ingredients/preservatives. I posted a photo above of what a 138 gram serving looks like.

Vincentina Italian Porchetta


So I have to be honest, the porchetta doesn’t look very appealing prior to cooking it, it looks pretty fatty and also comes with a large amount of a jelly like substance in the bag. The jelly is what turns into the juices it’s sitting in if you look at the photo above of the cooked porchetta. Porchetta is a savory, fatty, pork roast that reminds me a lot of pork belly. The hard crust on the outside really isn’t edible and then under that crust is a large layer of fat. However when you get to the inside you get pretty tender, flavorful, extremely moist pork. You can slice it and serve it as roast or you can do what we did and pull it apart like pulled pork. Except it tastes distinctly different than pulled pork (in a good way). I was a little disappointed I didn’t have extra fancy ingredients on hand like arugula, a dijon mustard or some balsamic caramelized onions. I bet the Costco Something Special Red Chili Pepper Spread would be perfect for a porchetta sandwich! The pork is pretty salty so you don’t need to add any extra salt or seasoning to the pork itself.

This was fun to try but I probably wouldn’t repurchase it again. It’s a lot of pork for two people! It did remind me of the porchetta we had in Italy but wasn’t quite as good.

Cost: 6.5/10

Convenience: 6/10

Nutrition: 3/10

Taste: 7/10

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