Fontaine Sante Mini Hummus Review

    Costco Fontaine Sante Mini Hummus

Convenient, individually portioned, delicious hummus!

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Costco Fontaine Sante Mini Hummus


I think these are really reasonably priced! There’s 16 mini hummus in the box (each is 57 grams) and I paid only $5.99 Canadian!


These are perfect for for a snack or to bring to work for lunch! My husband and I thought these paired perfectly with the Bakestone Brothers Garlic Naan I reviewed last weekend! The best before date is about two months from the date we purchased the hummus.

Costco Fontaine Sante Mini Hummus Nutrition


One 57 gram container is 130 calories, ten grams of fat, nine grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of sugar, four grams of protein, four grams of fibre and 190 mg of sodium. The ingredients list is really short and sweet with ingredients you’d expect to find in hummus and not a lot of added junk!

Costco Fontaine Sante Mini Hummus


I don’t know why but this hummus tastes better to me than other hummus I’ve had in the past! It’s creamy and thick with strong, garlic flavors. If you’ve never had hummus it’s crushed chickpeas mixed with sesame butter and a bit of garlic flavor. It tastes great with pita bread, naan bread and vegetables! I’ve tried other brands of hummus and I have to say I really enjoy the Fontaine Sante hummus. I find it’s more creamy and less gritty than other hummus I’ve had and the garlic isn’t too strong.

I love bringing these to work to dip vegetables in! The individual portions are awesome and have just the right amount of hummus for a single serving! If I had a craving for hummus again I would definitely purchase them.

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 7/10

Taste: 8.5/10

Do you have a favorite dip from Costco?


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