Kirkland Signature Strawberry Cream Cheese Review

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Exciting news! Costco is now carrying cream cheese and I picked up my first tub yesterday to try! If you’re a fan of their bagels and want some cream cheese to go with the bagels you may want to try the three new cream cheeses!

I paid $4.99 Canadian for the tub of Strawberry Cream Cheese that I picked up.

The cream cheese needs to be kept refrigerated, comes in a plastic resealable container and has a best before date of three weeks. I love the strawberry flavor because it goes well on everything and anything! Bagels, cookies, fruit, crackers, toast. You can use it to make a strawberry cream cheese cobbler or strawberry cream cheese chocolate truffles.

Definitely not the healthiest thing you could eat but it can be part of a healthy balanced diet! I wasn’t able to find the exact nutrition information for the cream cheese from Costco but I did some research and guess that one tablespoon is around 80 calories, six to eight grams of fat and about two to eight grams of sugar. Cream cheese is also low in carbohydrates!

The cream cheese was different than I expected to so that’s why I thought it’d be a good review item! It’s really, really light and fluffy. Not a heavy cream cheese but more like whipped cream cheese. The strawberry flavor is very subtle and not at all artificial tasting, you taste way more cream cheese tanginess than strawberry. It’s also not very sweet which is great, this would taste amazing with freshly cut fruit like pineapple and mangos.

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Written by Natalie


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  1. Hey! Thanks for the review!! Just wondering if you know if it’s pasterized and safe for pregnant people?? Thanks so much!

  2. I looked for this in our store in Kelowna and could not find. What section should I bee looking?

  3. Nah. If they had lox cream cheese I might be interested. I bought the garlic version and I was disappointed. As you mentioned, it was light…too light. That’s not how I like my cream cheese. As far as adding a fruity flavour? Why not just add your favourite jam or spread on top of your regular Kraft Philly or No Name brand instead?

  4. Ha I just sat down with a bagel, the strawberry cream cheese and the same plate as you posted. Great timing! Thanks for researching the nutritional values, I am surprised that it’s not on the label. The cream cheese is quite good light, fluffy and not sweet or heavy.
    Thanks again. Look forward to that cobbler recipe 😉

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