Costco Canada May Flyer Preview May 2 – 29, 2022

Location: Canada Wide

Hi Everyone!

I hope you are all doing well!  We’re got a preview of next month’s flyers!  Make sure to save some money (and space) for some of the great deals next week.  You may be tempted to get the Champion Inverter Generator, a new Wilson NBA basketball, some Scott’s Crass seez, a new Greenworks Mower, the Heinz Picnic Pack or some Franks Red Hot Sauce!

As always, I’ll be posting all the UNADVERTISED sales every Monday and Friday!

Happy Shopping!


I’m excited to offer paid members the ability to easily create automated E-mail alerts for your favorite products!  This feature will automatically send out an E-mail alert whenever the blog sees that a product has gone on sale or on clearance.  You can use this to make sure you never miss a sale on your favourite product AND if you purchase a large items and want to keep an eye out to see if it goes on sale or clearance.  (Remember, you can price match any sale as long as the purchase has been within 30 days.  The product also has to be at the sale price and in stock.)

To add an item to your alert list, just click on the RED “Sale Alert” button underneath the photo of any item.  You can also add items directly from the product / item number search page.

To view the items on your alert list, just go to the “Product Sale Alerts” option in the menu.  In this page, you will be able to delete or modify items on your list!

Thanks again to all the paid members out there!  It is with your help that I can continue to improve the blog and help people save money.  I plan on investing in lots of updates to the blog over the next year – including having a database of nutritional information and ingredients for the food items.


If you want to take advantage of product sale alerts, but are not yet a paid member, I’ve turned back on the “FOUNDERS” discount code!  This discount code gives you $10.00 off the annual subscription price to the blog.  It will also guarantee your rate of $19.97 per year as long as you continue to renew your membership.  The discount code will expire on 2022-04-30.

As a paid member, you will receive early access to all the blog posts, a customizable newsletter AND NOW access to Product Sale Alerts so you never have to miss a sale.

To sign up for a paid membership, visit the link here:

Next week, I’ll be getting some help with the data entry part of the blog.  I’m hoping with this extra help I will be able to publish the posts an hour or two earlier than usual.

Written by Costco West


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  1. There any way to get clearance notifications without adding a product ID?

    Would be nice to get notifications, especially when the clearance items are a good deal and wouldn’t buy otherwise at full price.

    I’ve scored some great deals by walking around the store on a weekly basis.

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