East Africa Dark Roast Review

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I always like trying the various coffee beans Costco has and on my most recent trip to Costco I picked up the East Africa Dark Roast coffee to try.

I paid $17.99 Canadian for the 908-gram bag of whole coffee beans which is comparable to the

The best before date is 11 months from the date I purchased the beans. This can be made into both hot coffee or cold brew! The coffee isn’t ground, it comes in whole beans so you need to own a grinder and grind the beans which takes more time than instant coffee or a coffee machine.

Black coffee has pretty much zero calories but if you’re adding cream and sugar there are obviously calories, fat and carbs. I know my parents drink their coffee with tons of cream and I like it with oat milk so our coffee is higher in calories than someone who drinks black coffee. Coffee has some health benefits that you can find with a quick internet search.

There’s a really nice smell as soon as you open the bag. The flavor is very strong and pretty strong and has the typical dark roast taste! I find that light roast coffees taste a little more unique and dark roasts all taste very similar to me. The bag says the coffee had a spicy flavor, but I didn’t notice that. It has a slight amount of bitterness to me, but it’s not unpleasant.

As I said, I prefer my coffee with oat milk, and I find that adding it to this coffee gives it a less bitter and more robust flavor. It’s a good dark roast, but not spectacular.
Cost: 7/10
Convenience: 2/10
Nutrition: Not applicable.
Taste: 7/10

Written by Natalie


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  1. I haven’t tried this coffee or the brand.

    We used to buy Kirkland brand coffee but since it increased in price by almost 60% this year (actually over a few months), it’s back to Folgers we go. We also don’t follow trends like adding soy, coconut, oat milk into our coffee or tea. It’s whole fat milk, creamo, or straight black without any sweetener. As the saying goes, different strokes for different strokes.

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