Weekend Update! – Costco Sale Items for Feb 3-5, 2023 for BC, AB, MB, SK

Location: Langley, BC

Hi Everyone!

CONTEST TIME!  Today’s post is sponsored by Van Belle Nursery!  Costco has some beautiful tropical plants in stores right now.  Right now, there are 6 different types of plants: Marble Queen Pothos, Tricolor Hoya, Australis Hoya, Neon Pothos, Adansonii, and Mini Monstera.  The plant mix varies by location and new varieties are being shipped out all the time!

These plants are easy to care for and are the perfect size to add a little bit of green into any indoor living space.  Make sure to pick up a plant or two on your next trip to Costco!  You can pick these up for $19.99 at your local store.  I think the Tricolor Hoya has a cool look to it – don’t you think?

Van Belle Nursery has offered to sponsor a contest, too!  We will pick three winners who will each win one plant, ceramic pot, trellis (all their choice from a list of options) and a bonus unreleased product (tropical plant + ceramic pot), delivered to the three contest winners!

To enter the contest, post a comment with your favourite tropical plant out of the ones offered!  We will pick three random entries to win!

No purchase necessary. Contest ends Thursday, Feb 9, 2023 at 11:59 pm (PT). Open to Residents of Western Canada (BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan), 18+.

Conditions apply. 1 entry/person. Correct answer to math skill-testing question required. Contest is not sponsored by Facebook®, Instagram® or Meta®. Winner will be announced via Facebook / Instagram on Friday, Feb 10, 2023. Winners will be contacted no later than Friday, Feb 10, 2023, to claim prizes. Good Luck!

I hope you are all doing well!  In a stroke of good luck, all the kids made it to school and daycare this week. I’ve been able to get some work done AND got a good chunk of my taxes completed for last year.

Yes, I did pick up some Ginger Defence..  Hopefully this will help keep the cold bugs away from our house!

Now if I could only have a couple hours to clean out the garage and the storage room………

Good Luck Everyone!

Happy Shopping!

What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

CLICK HERE for the Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2023, for BC, AB, SK, MB

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Memberships can be purchased here.  Photos will be available free to the public the following day at 5:00AM Pacific Time

CLICK HERE for the Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2023, for BC, AB, SK, MB

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  1. Tricolor Hoya is my favorite! Reminds me a bit of Hawaii which is where I’d like to be on these gray winter rainy days!

  2. The plants all look fantiastic! The Marble Queen Pothos has great variegation, Tricolor Hoya’ color combinations are amazing! The Neon Pothos color pops out well, too. Both Adansonii and Mini Monstera have nicely unique leaf characteristics.
    I’ll have to pick my favorite of them though, the Mini Monstera! 🙂

  3. These are so adorable! I’ve been buying indoor plants from Costco lately and they’ve all have grown heartily and looks wonderful in my home. I think I’ll look for the Adansonii on my next trip, as the leaves are so cute.

  4. Great idea for a contest! My fave is the Adansonii, followed by the Mini Monstera (tbh, I always thought an Adansonii WAS a mini monstera–no idea they had two separate genuses of similar size!). I think I’m just drawn to cute, small plants, and cute, small things in general.

  5. I love contests. My favourites are tri colour Hoya and mini monstera. Love your posts. Look forward to Monday when I can make my list before my weekly trip on Tues.

  6. Did anyone else tried the Calamari steak? What do you think? I purchased it and we tried it. It was one of the most awful things I have ever tasted. It was just not worth it. It tasted like pan frying paper. It seemed as if it had some preservatives added as well. I will never buy it again.
    Let me know what you think if you have ever tried it.
    I also tried the sweetie grapefruit and they were very good, though expensive.

  7. The plants are all so nice. So hard to decide between the Australis Hoya and the Adansonii. I don’t own either of those varieties yet. Also good to know that Hoyas are safe to have around pets. Whether it is safe to have your pets hanging around your plants, up for debate. If your cat is Edward Scissorhands, maybe not so much. LOL!

  8. The Marble Queen pathos is my favorite. I like most variegated plants and this leaf size. Thank you for these weekly posts as it really helps when I make my every 2-3 week trip as our closest Costco is 1.5 hours away.

  9. Love the mini-Monstera. When I was a kid my mom had a huge Monstera. When I left home, I took it with me. Had it for about another 10 or 15 years. It must have been about 30 years old then – or more and had produced quite a few new baby plants.. It even survived being frozen in Prince George when the moving truck got delayed.

  10. I think the Adansonii looks very cool and probably a good plant for a brown thumb like mine! Thanks for your weekly posts! We always look forward to seeing the deals!

  11. Thanks! My favorites are mini monstera (because it will go in my mini monsters room), and Australis Hoya, the richness of the colour is great!

  12. Thank you so much for all of your hard work multiple times a week!! Also, it is good to hear that your family is doing well. I love the idea of multi coloured plants so I would love a Tricolor Hoya!! Have a super weekend everyone.

  13. Thank you for the post. Guess Ill be going back to Costco again this week.

    Our favourite if the plants is the Tricolour Hoya.

  14. Neon Pothos / would love to win!
    Anything green and growing is so wonderful to watch !
    Thank you for all your hard work !

  15. Thanks for the post! I bought the tricolor Hoya a few days ago and just love it! It was easily my favorite and since I have cats the plant is also not toxic!

  16. Love the Neon Pothos… adds such a vibrant colour to a plant display.
    I’d love to be a winner in this contest.
    Many thanks.

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