Zavida Hazelnut Vanilla Coffee Review

Last week on the blog I reviewed the Costco Creative Snacks Co Strawberry & Yogurt Covered Pretzels and the Costco Rana Beef & Shortrib Lasagna.

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Both my husband and I love coffee, we love trying different kinds to make at home as well as occasionally treat ourselves to coffee out. Costco has a huge selection of coffee and I’ve never reviewed a flavoured coffee so I decided to pick this up on our last trip.

I paid $11.99 Canadian for the 907 gram bag, which was four dollars off the regular price of $15.99.

The bag is resealable which keeps the beans fresh and the best before date listed is 10 months from the date I bought it. These are whole beans so you need to grind them before you use them. If you’re in a household where only one person drinks coffee and are willing to put in a bit of wrist exercise a hand grinder is a nice option! One thing I want to point out is how strongly these beans smell. My husband had the bag open as he was making coffee and the entire house smelled of super sweet, french vanilla. It was so strong that I put the bag in the garage after he was done in fear the bag may continue to emit the smell. If you like vanilla scented candles, just buy a bag of these beans and open them up a few times a day.

The coffee has zero calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, fibre, sugar and sodium. Until you add a bunch of milk, cream, flavoured creamer or sugar to it! I don’t love seeing that there’s artificial flavours in the coffee. I feel like I eat enough artificial flavours in the day and don’t need to add them to my coffee on top.

The coffee tasted better than I thought it would based on the smell. I’m also not the biggest fan of flavoured coffee. The hazelnut and vanilla flavours compliment each other really well and I didn’t notice a stronger vanilla or hazelnut flavour, they’re both pretty balanced. The coffee tastes like dark roast beans with a tad bit of flavour. I wouldn’t say the flavour is absolutely amazing but it’s definitely easy to drink. I like oat milk in my coffee and when I added some it created a creamy, vanilla, hazelnut, coffee with just a hint of sweetness coming from the oat milk.

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 2/10

Nutrition: N/A

Taste: 7/10

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Written by Natalie


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  1. Oat milk? I think Natalie would add kale “milk” if it was trending, especially on TikTok.

    I find there’s nothing that compares to full fat cream in your coffee. I know many love Coffee Mate which is just flavouring, it doesn’t add any body or richness whatsoever to the coffee.

  2. I tried this 5 years ago but only gone through half of the bag before I got sick of it. And I wouldn’t buy it again. This was before I learned Costco would take back food that’s half eaten for a refund.

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