Costco Canada Recalls Archive

RECALL UPDATE: Pekkle Sleepers – Updated Affected Lot Codes

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mom’s Out There!! Costco has updated their recall notice for

UPDATED: RECALL NOTICE: Pekkle Infant Sleepers, Costco Items 321123 and 741147

Hi Everyone, Unfortunately, the Lemur Group Inc. & Costco is voluntarily recalling all Pekkle infant sleepers purchased

UPDATED 2017-05-05: Are Costco Pekkle Sleepers Going To Be Recalled?

Hi Everyone! Some of you may have noticed that Pekkle sleepers have disappeared from the clothing

Costco Recall Notice – Various Brands of Flour

Hi Everybody! It looks like Costco has been affected by the flour recall as they have

RECALL NOTICE: Robin Hood brand All Purpose Flour, Original recalled due to E. coli O121

Hi Everyone, This is not a Costco product, but if you are like me you probably

RECALL NOTICE: Hampton House brand Chicken Strips recalled due to possible harmful bacteria

Hi Everyone! Here is another Recall Notice for a Costco Product that is pretty popular 🙁 

RECALL NOTICE: Oball rattles with 5 orange beads – Refund Information Inside

Hi Everyone! Here is a recall notice for a product not sold at Costco, but since

Recall Warning – Expanded recall of all PC® Organics™ Strained Baby Food Pouches

Hi everyone, I know this is not a typical Costco post (this item is not sold

Recall Warning – Certain HP Notebook Computer Batteries

Here is another recall warning for laptop computer batteries.  It seems like batteries everywhere being recalled! 

Recall Warning – Certain Toshiba Laptop Computers

Here is another recall warning.  Even though some readers may have not bought one of these