Costco West Sale Items for March 19-25, 2018 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Hi Everyone,

There were quite a few more sale items that usual in the store this week!  Easter must be on its way because Kinder Eggs are on sale!  Contigo Water Bottles are on sale for $5.00 off a pack of 3.  These water bottles do not drip and are much better for the environment that single use plastic bottles!  Windex is on sale – just in time for a bit of spring cleaning!  Alcan Aluminum foil for the early season BBQ.  Tropicana Orange Juice, Poppers Mini Cream Puffs, Kirkland (Jelly Belly) Jelly Beans, Green Giant Niblets Corn, Hampton House Chicken Breast Strips, Craisins, Almer’s Diced Tomatoes,  Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing, Dad’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Boom-Chicka-Pop Kettle Corn, Brookside Acai Dark Chocolate, and the Something Special Gourmet Antipasto are all items I have bought on a regular basis!

If you are new to this blog – or wondering why the prices or products are different at your Western Canada Costco, please click here to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)!

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Happy Shopping!

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