• Thursday Update & Fruit Section: Costco West Sale Items for July 4-7 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    Hi Everyone!  Here is another Thursday Update for you all.  For those of you with infants using formula, this is the week for you!  It seems like there is a short sale on Kirkland Infant Formula.  I went to the Langley store, and only the Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose had a sign, but it looks like both are on sale online.  If you can’t make it to the store, you can order it in packs of 2 for $44.99 – this is only slightly more than you would pay in-store for 2 packs ($42.98) AND it includes shipping!


    This deal will only last until Sunday so make sure you act fast!

    Other great deals that were not posted on Monday include a Samsung Dishwasher, Bicycle Playing Cards, Ground Beef, and Ground Beef Patties, Pork Loin Centre & Boneless Rib Chops, Bothwell Jalapeno Monteray Jack Cheese, Good Host Lemonade Powder and Ethical Bean Coffee.

    I took another reader’s idea of taking pictures of all the fruit and berries today as well.  This seems to be the time of year to buy fruit!  There was more selection that I have ever seen.  I am quite fond of the Cotton Candy Grapes which only make rare appearances at my local Costco.

    That is all I have for now!

    Happy Shopping!

    CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE OTHER SALE ITEMS FOR July 2-7, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

    SATURDAY UPDATE!!!  (2019-07-06)

    THURSDAY UPDATE!!!  (2019-07-04)

    CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE OTHER SALE ITEMS FOR July 2-7, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

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