COSTCO: OPEN TODAY: Kirkland Baby Wipes & Leanfit Whey Protein Powder – Sale Next Week!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great long weekend!  Costco IS OPEN MONDAY, AUGUST 5, 2019.  You can go in for shopping today!  The website is not showing the holiday hours for the warehouses properly, but you can call your local warehouse and check that it is open.

I’m not sure why they did this on the flyer, but it seems like they have posted this week’s and next week’s savings on the same flyer.

I don’t think they have ever done this before, but if you need to stock up on Kirkland Baby Wipes, next week, they will be on sale, online and in store!  The in-store price for the wipes is $21.99 the last time I checked back in March.  If you go online now to buy the wipes, they actually give you the delivery surcharge breakdown now!

Lean Fit Protein Powder is also on sale next week, so make sure you are ready to stock up!

Happy Shopping!

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