Pictures from Costco Korea

Hi Everyone!

I had a colleague go to visit family in Korea and since she knows I have a blog about Costco, she sent some pictures of some of the unique items you can find in a Korean Costco!  Personally I’m pretty jealous of the Sashimi and Sushi sections over there – and I’m sure my daughter would love some of their noodles and seafood!  These pictures are from Costco in Busan, South Korea .  Apparently, that Costco location is crazy.  “People just milling around banging into each other. Made my blood pressure skyrocket.”  So I really appreciate the pictures!  Thanks Yenie!  It makes me wonder if things can actually get more terrible than Richmond?  Maybe I will have to take a trip!

When we were traveling this winter, every time we went to a new city, we had to visit a grocery store to stock up on baby items – diapers, baby food, toddler snacks.  Navigating through a foreign grocery store was always an interesting experience.  I did wish that there were more Costco stores along our trip – it would have been nice to see some familiar products and brands.

Anyways, If you are trying to do the currency conversion, 10,000 South Korean Won is equal to about $11 Canadian. I’ll see you all tomorrow!  I heard that air conditioners are on clearance right now and that Halloween Costumes are now in!  I’ll have pictures of everything tomorrow!

Happy Shopping!

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