Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for July 29 – Aug 4, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Hi Everyone!

Firstly, I have to mention this bad news for those of you with a Costco Capital One Credit card.  A hacker was able to get into the Capital One System and accessed personal information.  More information can be found here:  If I see anything that will help Costco Credit Card Holders, I will post it on the blog.

We are almost at the halfway point through summer, and although I have heard reports, I did not see any Christmas Items in store (only 149 days to go!)  They have started to bring in more and more winter clothing into the clothing section and one I see that it has all switched over, I’ll try to do a new clothing post.

I went to the Willingdon Costco Warehouse today and I was able to get in the door and checkout using my Costco Digital Membership on my phone!  If you haven’t read my article on how to set this up, you can do so here:

Costco Willingdon is much bigger than most Costco stores and therefore, there are more pictures here than normal (over 140). It was hard not to notice that both Men’s and Women’s Birkenstock Sandals were on sale.  These were great deals and everyone seemed to have a pair in their cart today.  The women’s sandals (Black and Navy) were $59.99 and the men’s sandals (Black and Brown) were $76.99.  The pictures are below.  If I didn’t pick up a pair of these for my wife, I might have escaped this trip spending less that $200 (I was instructed to buy Quinoa, which I did not find).  Ugh.

There were lots of items on sale, but I tried to to buy any.  Except for Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars – these are my daughter’s favorite snack (side note: the only country during our trip that we found these fig bars in was in Bali, Indonesia.)

Anyways, It is late here and I’m tired and I’m off to bed!

Happy Shopping!

See you on Thursday!

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CLICK HERE for the Thursday Update: Costco Sale Items for Aug 1-4, 2019 for BC, AB, MB, SK

Costco Flyer for July 29- Aug 4, 2019, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Costco Flyer for July 29- Aug 4, 2019, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Costco Flyer for July 29- Aug 4, 2019, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

Costco Sale Items for July 29- Aug 4, 2019 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

CLICK HERE for the Thursday Update: Costco Sale Items for Aug 1-4, 2019 for BC, AB, MB, SK

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  1. Hi,

    Thank you so much for all your hard work. I love your blogs!

    Could you please tell me which location you took these pictures? I want to buy the kids’ sandbox but can’t find them in Surrey.

  2. Curious: Has anyone else noticed that Starbucks Rewards codes are no longer on Starbucks beans sold at Costco?

  3. Does anyone know the turn around for certain items like macadamia nuts? My location in NW Calgary has been out of the. for weeks and they are a major staple in our house!

  4. Just wondering which Costco this is at? The one closest to me doesn’t have the same birkenstocks, just the triple strap style. Looking for the gizeh style like in your photo. Thanks.

  5. What exactly is swallow nest beverage? The ingredient list states swallow nest! Is this for real or is swallow nest some sort of plant or berry? Please tell me it’s a plant or berry! If it is actually made from a swallow’s nest, what is the perceived benefit? I could never drink this, though.

    • Traditionally , Birds nest is pretty much birds spit and boiled in a soup and served cold. Can’t say about this one that they have bottled but it must have a ton of sugar. so its not from a plant or berry.

      hope that helps!
      Thanks COCOWEST

  6. I used my digital membership card at the Costco in Kelowna, but was told at the door that I wouldn’t be able to use it at the checkout. Maybe not all locations are ready for it yet?

    • I spoke to membership and they said this was suddenly implemented. They’re having a lot of issues and don’t know much. They’re quite frustrated too. In our case, we got a link sent to our email account but that was to reset our online password, nothing more. We still need to call Costco’s 800 number to have an electronic version of the card, which at this time, has no purpose.

  7. Thanks for the update. I read that you still need your physical card if you need fill up gas. People are complaining about that in the US.

  8. Thanks so much for these weekly posts! Ever since being on mat leave this has been something I look forward to (an excuse to go to Costco with baby). Also bee lining to the sales if baby fussed! 🙂

  9. Attention!!

    The Mayonnaise is on sale but the Kirkland is a better deal as it is the same price but 100ML more.

    Also the mooncake is from China… so I would avoid it.

      • I’m with Ross. I don’t trust their food standards to be as high as our own. That’s not to say that bad things can’t happen in Canada, they certainly can and have, but I trust the processes we have in place designed to catch them.

        • Right! Because Canada does not have our own food safety regulatory where foods imported into this country does not need to meet nor exceed our Canadian food standards.

          TLDR: It’s ignorant to think that China does not need to meet our food safety standards in order to export their foods here.

          • China producers cheat on quality for the almighty profit. I avoid any food products made and produced in China. That includes any fruits or vegetables or prepared food products. Fake of everything. Even mainland Chinese people go to HK or Japan to buy better quality products.

    • Normally I try to avoid foods made in China as well. I think Costco has used the same supplier for the mooncakes for many years. They used to say they’re from Macau but since Macau is part of China, I guess they’re had to relabel.
      Anyway, I like these mooncake; the ones I’ve had this time have had bright orange yolks.

      • Willingdon Costco has become one of the worst stores for unlawful and rude behavior. I seen a man elbow his way to the front of the food presentation and grab the samples while others were waiting in line.

        When another member confronted him about his behavior and his rudeness, he laughed and said yeah, he knows he’s cutting in and a has no manners. There’s also people in the parking lot who are very rude and aggressive. I don’t know what,if anything, Costco can do about these people.

        • I have found the same thing too. I wish they would stop the free sample thing. It just cloys up the store and I feel a lot of people go there and load up in all the freebies for a free lunch! And parking can be insane at the willigndon store but rarely do we have to go to the very back of the store which apparently a lot of people don’t know exists. When I am in there I very loudly yell excuse me when others are blocking my path as they don’t seem to notice if I say it quietly and in a nice manner! I think Costco could have a few floaters around reminding people to keep moving! I also hate when people stop or leave their carts in the middle of a row so no one can get around and then give you a dirty look if you dare move it out of the way. Rant over!

  10. Do you still go down to the states and d a post? We’re heading down there in a couple of weeks and I was hoping to know what the in store specials were ahead of time. Thanks for all the time you take each week to go and put this website together!

  11. Good morning, Thank you for posting. Every week I will shop at Wellington Costco.
    When come to mark down, the Costco in Downtown is way cheaper.

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