Costco Flyer & Costco Sale Items for Sep 16-22, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Location: Abbotsford Costco

Hi Everyone!

It was a really rainy, busy weekend for us which means that fall is now a reality.  A couple of things I picked up today were the Floating Gallery Frames to post some pictures of our trip, some Kirkland Signature Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Chicken Gyoza Dumplings, Poppers Stuffed Jalepenos, Krusteaz Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix, and some Aylmer’s Diced Tomatoes for fall stews.  If you have a pet, Whiskas Meaty Selections and Pedigree Real Chicken Dog Food is also on sale.

I was interested in the Skotidakis Skyr Yogourts and the Clearly Kombucha. Does anyone have any reviews of this? Also, I’ve had the Kirkland Signature Chicken Tacos in the US before and they were great – are these ones the same?

The Semi-Annual Kaisan Whey Protein is on sale this week only.  100% Whey Isolate is available at Costco Canada. Get yours at a location near you for $37.99 from September 16-22, 2019.  This is a price that is actually $1.00 CHEAPER than last year! (when it was $38.99)

Also, it is not in the flyer again, but the Huggies Diapers and Huggies Pull-Ups sale continues until September 22, 2019.  I don’t expect another diaper and pull-ups sale until early March.  So make sure to stock up on the right sizes for the next 6 months.

Also, Charmin is on sale.  Now that we have 2 ladies in the house, we seem to go through 4X the amount of toilet paper as we did before.  Go figure.

Happy Shopping!  See you Thursday!


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What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

Seasonal Aisle Costco Post

Costco Flyer for Sep 16-23, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Flyer for Sep 16-23, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB
Costco Flyer for Sep 16-23, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

Costco Sale Items for Sep 16-23, 2019 for BC, AB, SK, MB

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  1. The chicken tacos, ESPECIALLY at the sale price, are delicious! You will not be disappointed! My husband and I thought it was an ample meal for 2 nights, and it’s beyond easy. I’ll be buying every time I go.

  2. The Stoned Wheat Thins crackers were discontinued at the Winnipeg Regent Ave. store a few months ago. Love your posts…I plan my Costco shopping trips based on your posts.

  3. Clearly Kombucha – this one is more mild flavored, ie: less apple cider vinegar flavor, compared to the GTS Gingerade Kombucha, also sold at Costco.

    If you took the Gingerade Kombucha, strained it and added some juice and sparkling water, that’s what Clearly Kombucha tastes like. It’s slightly sweet but definitely far less sweet than any juices and still just 30 or 40 Calories per bottle.

    I like both the Clearly Kombucha and the GTS Gingerade Kombucha, depending on my mood. If you are only drinking it for health reasons, then I would stick to the Gingerade. I like how the Clearly one is clear, as the name implies, so there is no slimy things like the Gingerade. It is very refreshing and still low calorie. However, if I’m in need of an immunity boost, feeling run down, then I would go for the more potent Gingerade.

    A lot of people who don’t like the Gingerade will probably enjoy the milder Clearly Kombucha.

  4. I went to Costco to purchase the folding table that was on sale on this site. Although it is advertised for Manitoba I was told it was not on sale here. I guess every store has their own sales. Very disappointing.

  5. I went to buy the folding table that was on sale for $10.00 and it was not on sale in manitoba. I guess each store has their own sales and they wouldn’t honour it.

  6. I love this blog and we always plan our trips by the blog. I don’t know if you or the fellow readers can help me but I was looking for a product that used to be sold at our Costco steinfelds sliced pickles that were either sweet Thai Chili or sweet and spicy. They were so good and they have not been in the Edmonton Costco for the last year. Has anyone else seen them?

    • Hi Sharon, I’m glad you love the blog! If you have a question about availability of previous items, I’ve had good luck commenting on the Costco Canada Facebook site. They have a social media team there to answer questions like these. Make sure to include your nearest Costco warehouse.

  7. I enjoy the Clearly Kombucha. It has a subtle flavor, not sweet or tart. I purchased it before it went on sale and will defiantly be purchasing more on my next trip to Costco.

  8. Any idea if those floating frames come in a white option or just the black? I’ve tried the Skyr yogurt and didn’t like it, kind of blah flavour and not sweet enough. The Oikos is way better! Thanks for all you do!

  9. I’m a huge yogurt eater and have tried a lot of different brands. I find the Skyr yogurt to be really thick. Almost too thick. And dry, if that’s possible for a yogurt. The taste is great as they have some awesome flavours but I can’t get past the consistency. Not my favourite but if all other yogurts ceased to exist and Skyr was my only option, I would eat it.

  10. Thank you again! Your posts definitely help me make my lists!! It’s great that you use a few locations – very handy that you post the location at the top! My personal favourite is Abbotsford 🙂
    I’m going to try the Skyr yogurt and chicken tacos this week. It’s also a good week to get some of my regular items.

  11. The Miracle Whip salad dressing has not been stocked at the Langley location in a very long time and when I went to the Port Coquitlam location a month or so ago they did not have any either. This is the 2nd or 3rd time you have posted a sale for this at the Abbotsford location in the last little while so it looks like this is a unique item for that location only.

  12. I love the Skyr yogurt myself with the added bonus it’s 0% fat and high in protein and very thick and creamy like a greek yogurt.

    Chicken taco kits – they are convenient and I had to try them since they get raved about. Well, to me, they were just okay. I was not crazy about how thick the tortillas were! More like a naan and I used a different soft taco flour tortilla instead . I also wished the lettuce and chicken were separated so when warming up the chicken the lettuce doesn’t get mixed in.
    Personally, I wouldn’t buy it again and better off to get a bbq chicken and make up chicken tacos that way!

  13. Agreed with previous poster about the Skotidakis Skyr! Creamy, great flavours, and nutritional profile is pretty decent. I’m picking up another case this week.

  14. I liked the Skyr. I thought it was a lot thicker than Greek yogurt, wouldn’t have thought that was possible. Not too sweet either, nice. I liked the key lime the best, followed by coconut.

  15. Thank you once again . You save me so much time when I go to Costco and I think I even save money by making a shopping list, which a person never does at Costco.
    It’s always impulse buying there.

  16. Thank you once again . You save me so much time when I go to Costco and I think I even save money by making a shopping list, which a person never does for Costco.
    It’s always impulse buying there.

  17. The Skyr yogurt is great! It’s comparable to the Oikos greek yogurt. Thick, creamy, filling, and great flavours. Definitely worth it even at full price.

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