Costco West Sale Items for Sep 17 – Sep 23, 2018 for BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan

A quick update from Tynan:

Many thanks to my brother for continuing to help out while I recover.


The deal of the week this week is Colgate toothpaste (only 6.99 for 6 tubes) which I have been waiting for a while…I almost used up all the emergency backup free samples from the dentist.  Also on sale are uncooked beef and chicken.  Huggies diapers (assorted sizes) are on sale again this week if you missed out last week.  Diapers have historically only gone on sale twice a year so it is time to stock up!  I noticed Christmas chocolates/advent calendars and candies on sale already.  Is it just me or do they start earlier every year?

You might notice a wider format photo (my cell phone camera was stuck in a different mode) because I didn’t notice until half way through.  What do you think of this wider format? has officially added an Instagram page:

Instagram:  For those of you on Instagram:  @Costco_West_Fan Blog

The Instagram Page can be found here:


Here is a link to the latest food review about the Costco Kirkland Signature Meat Lasagna


Happy Shopping!



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  1. Thanks again for the blog! I wait to make my Costco trip till your blog is up. Thanks for the tip on diapers! I’m going to buy some more this week.

  2. FYI, the sunscreen is a really good deal (basically get 3 for the price of 1.5’ish at Walmart or Shoppers). I picked up the 3 pack of kids and they don’t expire till 2020.

  3. I always read before I head to Costco. Also appreciate the individual product reviews. Thank you, Tynan (all the best for your recovery) and thanks also to your brother.

  4. Thanks so much for preparing this every week!! The spiral hams hadn’t made their appearance yet in Victoria as of last week. Anyone know if they’re out yet? The butcher there looked at me like I had 2 heads when I asked him…

  5. Instant coffee was on sale last week and according to the expiry, should still be on sale. I don’t see it on the list, so does anyone know if it’s still on?

  6. Please note… The price tags for Quaker yogurt and Taste of Nature bars are switched. Don’t want anyone to get confused at the till!!

  7. I have been to 4 different Costcos in the Lower Mainland and can’t find the Coppertone for adult sunscreen. I live in New Westminster , work in Vancouver. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thank you!

    • You’ll be fine using the Coppertone for kids and it smells less than the adult one. I like how it applies without a greasy result afterwards.

      • Anytime you are looking for something specific you can ask at the customer service desk if they can find it elsewhere and yes they look up availability.

  8. Check you page every week, I’m a shopper at a Costco depot in Canada!
    Do you know if there’s anything like this for Mexico Costco’s?

  9. Thanks again for your great work! I click on a few Google Ads every week to say thanks! I hope that others do the same. I can’t imagine how much work this blog is to upkeep!

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