Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Review

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack

Some really tasty chips! 

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So I’ve never tried Hardbite chips at all before purchasing the Hardbite Explorer Pack. My husband was actually the one to suggest we try them and we both enjoy chips so we picked up the box to try! Today I’m reviewing the Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack from Costco!


I paid $13.99 Canadian for the box of 32 packs of chips! Each bag is 30 grams. In my opinion that’s a pretty decent price.

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Rock Salt & Vinegar


If you have a household where everyone has different chip flavor preferences, this is the pack for you. The box comes with four flavors of chips. One bag is the perfect portion to leave you feeling satisfied. The best before date is about five months from the date I purchased the chips.

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Nutrition

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Nutrition


One bag is 150 calories, seven grams of fat and has no artificial anything, no trans fat and no cholesterol. They’re gluten-free and the chips are made in small batches. Although I can’t say these are exactly a super healthy food, one bag is totally fine and doesn’t leave me feeling at all heavy or gross. Three flavors in the box are vegan, just not the Wild Onion & Yogurt as it has dairy.

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Wild Onion & Yogurt


All four flavors are delicious, my husband also loved these chips when he tried them and so did I. The four flavors are rock salt & vinegar, spicy dill pickle, ketchup and wild onion & yogurt. The Hardbite chips are nice and thick, like a kettle chip and also are super crunchy. They taste more natural than other big brand name chips I eat regularly. Rock salt & vinegar is definitely my favorite out of the four and is super salty and tangy from the vinegar. The ketchup is actually really good, I usually find ketchup chips taste really artificial, these are gently flavored with a sweet tomato flavor. The wild onion & yogurt is similar to sour cream and onion but more unique and they have a slightly sweet aftertaste. The spicy dill is SPICY! Picture a dill pickle chip with a ton of heat that leaves your tongue tingling. I didn’t dislike any of these chips, they’re all really tasty.

Hardbite Chips Explorer Pack Ketchup

I appreciate that this is a Canadian company and their chips are actually delicious. I’ll definitely purchase more Hardbite chips in the future after finishing up my box.

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 3/10

Taste: 9/10

Which flavor do you think would be your favorite?



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