PREVIEW: Costco Flyer for January 18-31, 2021

PREVIEW: Costco Flyer for January 18-31, 2021

Hi Everyone,

So, I just recently moved and so I got my Costco Connection magazine late because it ended up getting forwarded to my new address.  I just noticed that there was a preview for the January coupons attached to the front!  Anyways, I’ve searched out my stainless steel garbage can receipt because it goes on sale in a couple of weeks for a price match.  I also know that people seem to like the KFI butter chicken sauce which goes on sale too!


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Happy Shopping!

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What is on sale next week? Check out the sales from last year to see what might be on sale next week?

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  1. Ross and Julie, I agree, the ribs that go on sale for 6.99 are my preference! I actually find the more expensive ones seem to have more fat on them. Just my TW-cents

  2. Ross, I know there are 2 kinds…when the others go on sale they go on for about 6.99 and they are not tough at all. I think this is supposed to be the higher quality one or the package that is bigger. But honestly, the ones that go on for 6.99 are great!!!

  3. Thanks again! Did the ribs price go up or is this another brand? I remember ribs in sale for $9.99. (That price must be tough to be high quality).

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