Manchego Cheese Review

Manchego Cheese

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I don’t usually buy or try much cheese from Costco, I usually stick to the regular mozzarella and cheddar but I decided to switch things up and try this Kirkland Signature Manchego Cheese and review it! This can be found in the refrigerated deli section at Costco near all the other cheeses and cold-cut meats.

I paid $12.99 Canadian for the 500 gram block of Manchego cheese which I feel is quite reasonable for a decent-sized high-quality block of cheese from Spain!

The best before date on the cheese is almost four months from the date I purchased the cheese. Once opened the packaging does reseal but doesn’t have a great seal so I also stuck it in a plastic bag. It needs to be kept refrigerated. I think if you had a food-saver you could easily vacuum pack some cheese slices and freeze them!

Manchego Cheese Ingredients

Per three centimeter cube or 30 grams there are 140 calories, 11 grams of fat. 250 mg of sodium, zero grams of carbohydrates, zero grams of fibre, zero grams of sugar and eight grams of protein. The ingredients list is extremely short and sweet with manchego sheep’s milk being the main ingredient!

Manchego Cheese Nutrition

I absolutely loved the taste of the Manchego cheese and am so glad I picked it up. I’ll mention first that the rind isn’t edible so peel or cut that off. The cheese is semi-hard and appears a little oily on the outside, it’s a pale yellow/white colour. The cheese is quite aromatic so if you really can’t stand cheese with a bit of scent you might want to skip this one. The cheese is rich and buttery and you can taste the high fat content of the sheep’s milk. I found the Manchego cheese creamy, nice and salty and strongly flavored, it has a slight sharpness but doesn’t have that super old aged flavor. This would be great on a charcuterie board, with crackers, wine, fruit or would make a fantastic fancy grilled cheese. If you’re in the mood to try a new cheese, I highly suggest checking out this one!

Manchego Cheese

I would totally buy the Manchego cheese again. I think it’s nicely in-between a basic mozarella and super fancy old-aged sharp-tasting artisan cheese so I can see this being liked by many. The price is also super reasonable considering its sheep’s milk cheese from Spain!

Cost: 9/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 8/10

Taste: 9/10

What’s your favourite kind of cheese to buy from Costco?

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  1. we would buy our limit when we would go to the USA Costco – we were happy to see it in Canada Costco but you can’t beat USA Costco price even with travel and exchange – this is definitely a fancy, special occasion snacking cheese since the border has been closed

    we’ve been rocking the homemade pizza with the deluxe Saputo mozzarella cheese since it’s been on sale often, a friend purchased Saputo mozzarella to add to the pizza – different recipe numbers (costco 136, friend 100) for some reason 100 tasted saltier but nutritionally 136 has more salt – either way homemade pizza with Costco cheese is the best

  2. Manchego is a family favourite over here! My 5 year old son and 2 year old daughter prefer it to any other cheese. Before Costco started selling it I was buying tiny slivers of it at fine food stores (for special occasions only) for the same price Costco sells a quarter of a wheel of it for. Since Costco sells it for such a reasonable price we can keep it as a staple in our fridge pretty much year round, and everyone is happy (and full of delicious Spanish cheese) haha.

  3. I’ve consumed a lot of this cheese over the last year and half since Costco started selling it. It’s about 70% off regular grocery store price. It’s pretty decent quality though I would gladly pay more to get a 12 month aged version for a little extra flavor. Let it get to room temp before eating and you’ll see a big flavor boost.

  4. I have been buying this cheese from Costco for more than 5 years. Before it was available in Canada I bought it from Costco USA. Initially it was not a Kirkland brand. I was happy when it came to Canada. I have some in my fridge at all times. It is the only cheese I eat. Tastes great with apple slices. Mostly I enjoy it by itself. And it is very healthy since it is from A2 milk.

  5. I was so excited when Costco Canada started carrying this, previously it was a seasonal Christmas item; it’s available year-round at Costco US. This cheese is fabulous for snacking or charcuterie boards. I frequently slice the entire wedge and store it in tupperware in the fridge, it keeps a very long without molding. It’s also incredibly expensive elsewhere, Costco is a bargain!

  6. I’ve been buying this cheese for over three years . It’s very creamy and yummy. Hard not to eat too much. When I’ve served it all my friends love it also.

  7. I’ve been buying this cheese for over three years . It’s very creamy and yummy. Hard not to eat too much. When I’ve served it all my friends love it also.

  8. Thanks for your review! As a cheeseaholic, I’m always looking for new cheeses to try. Will definitely try this one!
    Happy Easter!

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