Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear Review

Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear

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We’ve been eating a ton of barbecue lately and delicious pickles are something that I always love to serve with barbecue burgers. The bright & fun packaging on the Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear from Costco caught my eye so I decided to try them last night and review them here.

Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear

You get two large one-litre jars of pickle spears for $9.99 Canadian but if you can get them on sale like I did they were only $7.99 Canadian.

The best before date on the pickle spears is just under two years from the date I purchased them. They’re best served chilled so pop a jar in your fridge when you buy them so they’re ready to enjoy! These are awesome dill pickles for sandwiches, to snack on alone or to enjoy with burgers. They’re also made by two Canadian guys which made me feel great about buying them and supporting Canadian!

Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear

1/2 a pickle spear is four calories, zero grams of fat, one gram of carbohydrate (hello Keto people!), zero grams of fibre, zero grams of sugar and less than a gram of protein. There’s 180 mg of sodium in 1/2 a spear. If you eat a whole spear that’s almost 400 mg of sodium. Who eats half a spear? Pickles are known to be high in sodium though and are a flavorful, low calorie and low carb snack!

Matt & Steve’s Extreme Pickle Spear

I tried the Extreme Pickle Spears with my friend last night and we both agreed they definitely have some zing to them and are probably the most flavorful pickles we’ve had. They’re very crisp and full of garlic and vinegar flavors. They almost taste like they have a hint of spice but there aren’t any ingredients that would point to any spicy flavor! Either way if you’re a pickle fan, these are delicious.

Cost: 8/10

Convenience: 10/10

Nutrition: 7/10 (high in sodium)

Taste: 8.5/10

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Written by Natalie


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  1. Their pickled beans are waaaaay better. Great flavour and super crunchy. They had them at costco a few months ago but it was the only time i had seen them there. I hope they bring the beans back permanently since id probably go through a couple jars a month.

  2. I agree. No crunch to them.

    On the bottle, it says: made in Canada (means assembled in Canada) from FOREIGN and domestic ingredients. I returned them back to Costco.

  3. I bought these also. The reason is I read that someone on a Costco fan Facebook page say they added a package of Ranch dressing powder to a jar of these exact pickles and that it made a good pickle go to a great pickle. Apparently it’s a Tik Tok thing and I will be trying it. Thanks for the review!

  4. You didn’t mention anything about the most important characteristic of a pickle: the crunch! Were they like a wet noodle or a crisp cold carrot?

  5. I’m surprised by this review. I recently tried them, and found them terrible. The skin is very tough, and the inside was like mush; horrible texture overall. The taste was strong vinegar, and nothing else. I returned the two pack to Costco, with the reason being that I didn’t like them.

    I was interested in what others had to say, and many other reviews online noted that they were terrible for similar reasons.

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