Labour Day Tire Sale – 20% off Tire Sets & Alloy Wheels

Hi Everyone,

Happy Labour Day! I hope you all have some fun plans for the last day before school starts.  Tomorrow looks like a warm one so we will be heading up to the mountains for a family hike.

If you are thinking ahead this year about purchasing some new tires, for any tire or alloy rim order placed on 2021-09-06, there is a 20% off sale.

I always like picking up my tires at Costco for the additional money you get back on your credit card (1%) and on the Executive Membership (2%).  If you are a keen watcher of tire prices, you will see that the price of tires has gone up since last year, but unfortunately, I don’t have a time machine.

I’ll probably be picking up some Michelin X-Ice Snow tires and some OEM rims which will help me navigate the streets safely to Costco during our inevitable short lived Snowpocalypse here on the West Coast.

Since Costco Warehouses are all closed right now, you will have to order these tires online and unfortunately, there are no real tire experts to help you out, but if you know what you want to order, this is a great time to pick up some discounted tires.

I’ve never had a problem with any tire that I’ve had a Costco and they have always been good about fixing the odd nail in the tire.  If you are wondering about the warranty here are the details:

Head over to the tire site to price out your new tires here:

Happy Shopping!

P.S. With Monday being closed for the Labour Day Holiday, the regular Monday post will up on Tuesday instead!

Written by Costco West


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  1. X-Ice tires are horrible unless you want an “ice” tire and wet snow traction is not important to you. Otherwise, for our BC Winters including northern BC, you want a snow tire with an aggressive tread pattern.

    Additionally, according to BC law, any tire that has M+S engraved on the sidewall meets the criteria for a “winter” tire. In otherwords, 99% of the tires on the road in Canada are M+S tires excluding tires for sports cars. What you want is a tire that has the mountain snow flake emblem engraved.

    Some newer tires are marketed as 4 seaon tires and have the snow flake emblem but they barely meet the minimum snow tire standards by Transport Canada. If you have children I wouldn’t want to a tire that meets minimum standards but exceeds them.

  2. Are the sale prices as listed? I don’t see a code to enter in at checkout and there is no per tire price difference if you are ordering 3 or 4 tires!

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