NEW!!! Costco In-Warehouse Receipt History on and Mobile App

Hi Everyone! 

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I hope your weekend is going well!  For those of you who like to take advantage of price matching, frequent the returns desk or like to keep track of their purchases, you will be happy to hear that your in-warehouse purchase receipt history is now available online at and through the Costco Mobile App!

If you have already verified your account with or on the Costco Mobile App, you are all set to see your previous receipts.  If, on the Costco Mobile App, you are able to display your Membership Card in the “CARD” tab on the bottom of the app, your accounts are verified and associated.

If your membership card is not yet associated with your Costco login, you will also be required to verify your identity using Verified.Me 

Once your account has been verified, you will be able to see your receipt history!

  1. To view the previous receipts on, when you are logged in, go to Account – Orders & Purchases and choose the “In Warehouse Tab”  You will then see a display of all your previous receipts.
  2. To view your previous receipts on the Costco Mobile App, go to the “Menu” Tab at the bottom and choose “Orders & Purchases”.  Choose the “In Warehouse Tab” to display your receipts!

It looks like you should be able to access your receipts all the way back to January 2019, but the earliest receipt I was able to view was from March 19, 2021.  This feature is pretty new, so perhaps the older receipts will be loaded in the future.

Anyways, it is nice to see that Costco is making progress in updating it’s IT infrastructure to make it more customer friendly.

It will be interesting to see if these online receipts can be used for price matching!  If anyone has any experience with this, please let me know!

Below is a sample of one of my precious receipts!  They can easily be downloaded in *.pdf file. 

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  1. I tried using one of my receipts in the app to do a price adjustment today, and the staff did not know how to do it without a paper receipt. They said they need to have the paper receipt to mark on the receipt that they have made a price adjustment. So everyone be warned if you are doing price adjustments (and probably also for returns) you will most likely need your original paper receipt!

  2. Can’t you verify at the Customer Service desk? In order to get the Costco App QR code, you need to verfiy right? I did this….pre-pandemic…like 2 years ago. I can see my InWarehouse receipts without having to verify again with the app.

  3. This is a great idea. Terrible implementation. I never heard of Verify.Me before.

    I echo the negative comments. A quick search shows Verify.Me hasn’t been subject to a third party security and privacy audit. I certainly wouldn’t download the app which has its own privacy “risks”. Their affiliation with Equifax is further troubling.

    Honestly, using the Verify.Me app/service to gain access to my Costco receipts is absurd. There’s no other way to describe it in my opinion. I’ll continue to scan my Costco receipts instead.

  4. So, I went through the whole process but when I went back to the app it will only let me see my recent online purchase. When I go to the In Warehouse Purchases it asks me to go through the process all over again… sigh…

  5. Normally, I don’t reply in the comments section here. But I know there are a lot of older and elderly folks who visit this blog and they need to be informed.

    The way I see it, It’s all about trust folks. I would trust Costco, but only so much…not with my financial information though. They are not a bank. Verifyme can claim the world and that people are perfect and honest, I won’t trust them.

  6. I’ve downloaded the app but it keeps thinking I am in the US, what gives? I can’t find anywhere to switch to Canada. Anyone else have that problem?

  7. Hold on a second! Costco wants me to use a third party app that’s not theirs to access my Costco account? And the third party app and/or Costco wants to access my financial institution’s details? The Verified.Me app pulls my credit score. Is it a hard or soft hit? I already have the Costco app with my Costco card in the form of a QR Code.

    Anyway, no thank you. I don’t need another app or company that will be subject to a data breach in the future. I want my life simple, not complicated. Geesh.

  8. No way Jose. This is just another referral ad for app.

    What was Costco thinking when they insist you use either a third-party app to access your banking details or even Costco themselves?

    Instead, Costco should be improving its website’s security. I will never give Costco or any shopping store access to my personal bank accounts. Pass.

  9. Thanks for the update. However, can you please provide detailed instructions with visuals on where to find the “In Warehouse Tab”, what happens after that because I doubt most people are “verified” like me even though my card is on the app.

    And I don’t know about anyone else, I won’t use my banking information to access Costco’s website. I don’t even do that with CRA which also offers this.

    If you can please provide screenshots with step-by-step processes from start (new account creation and verify you info ) to finish, that would be helpful.

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