Costco Summer Furniture Seasonal 2019 Superpost! Dining, Bedroom, Couches & Chairs

Hi Everyone,

I’ve been asked by some people to take pictures of the furniture in stores so I headed down to Costco in Port Coquitlam now that everything is all switched over.  We have quite a bit of furniture from Costco in our house and it definitely looks and feels much nicer than your basic furniture.  You will need some time to put it all together but it is furniture that will survive past one move (unlike our old IKEA Furniture). The one standout item of furniture I tried was the Synergy Home Leather Power Recliner for $589.99.  If I had the room, this would be the one seat I would get for my house. 

I suggest you give it a shot a sit in it.  It is like sitting on a cloud. The summer furniture does not seem to last long and you will have to wait until January until the next set of furniture comes in.  Remember to keep your receipts when you purchase furniture.  If I spot a item of furniture on sale, I will post it as well as the store location.  You can then bring your receipt to the Warehouse and as long as there is stock, they should refund out the difference.  I have never heard of anyone turned down for a price match for a clearance item withing 30 days.

That is all I have for now!

Happy Shopping!

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