Costco Summer Clothing 2019 Superpost! Clothing, Jackets & Shoes

Hi Everyone!

While I was at Costco on Port Coquitlam on Monday, I noticed that all the clothing was all nicely laid out and decided to take pictures!  I’ve had a couple of requests for clothing pictures and since Costco is still stocking Summer Clothing, I thought this may be able to help a few people.  There were just too many items to combine the post with Monday’s post!

Keep in mind that the summer clothing will not be here much longer!  It is already July – which means Costco will soon be stocking the first of it’s Christmas (gulp) items as well as starting to bring in Fall clothing.  I left out the clearance items, just because they won’t be in every store and if they are then sizes may be limited.

I’ve had a request to take pictures of the back to school items.  I’ll try to get those in next week.  It looks like they are switching over the seasonal aisle so I want to make sure I’m capturing as many items as I can.

Happy Shopping!

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